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Predictions for How COVID-19 Will Affect SMBs in 2022

Here are our predictions on how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect businesses this year — along with what we think companies should focus on to be successful.

4 Ideas on How to Prevent the Great Resignation From Thought Leaders

Great Resignation, or Reconciliation? Whatever you call it, employees are quitting in droves. Here's how to prepare and prevent a mass exodus in your workplace.

Definitive List of Flexible Work Options for 2022

Here's a list of flexible work options for employees in 2022 — plus details on how to implement them.

New Flexible Benefits Max Amounts for 2022

The IRS has announced benefits plan limits for 2022. Check them out here.

Building Better Financial Wellness in 2022

Learn how to help employees save for retirement and ensure they feel taken care of financially.

Montana, Baltimore, and Philadelphia Employers Face New Restrictions on Employee Marijuana Use

Here are some laws that recently went into effect regarding off-duty use of marijuana and pre-employment cannabis testing.

Setting Up Goals for the New Year: A Guide for HR Managers

The New Year can be a great time to set goals for your HR team.

10 Employee Benefits That Matter Most in 2022

Here are the unique employee benefits that are most popular for 2022.

2022 Rings in New Compliance Requirements for Employers

Check out these 2022 changes in state law — including standards for non-disparagement agreements, broader use of exemptions against vaccine mandates, and more.

Oregon Tightens Requirements for Non-Compete Agreements

Oregon businesses will need to adjust their non-compete agreements as new laws go into effect in the new year.

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