3 Fun Office Holiday Party Ideas

The holidays are a time for giving– both to the community and to your employees. Here are 3 fun office holiday party ideas.

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office holiday party ideas

The holidays are largely a time of giving: giving back to the community as well as giving to your employees. Holiday bonuses might be on the top of their lists, but there’s something magical about hosting a hit holiday office party, especially when it brings coworkers closer together. Are you looking for a few fun office holiday party ideas? Here are 3 of our favorites.

1. Holly Jolly Holiday Bash

If you’ve got a generous holiday budget and ample time for planning, go all out with a holiday bash. One of our favorite office holiday party ideas is booking a live band to get things started. Nothing gets a crowd going quite like an entertaining performance. Do a quick online search or ask around to find a group that can bust out some classic holiday jams. Your office will be dancing and singing along in no time. Make sure to book the band early as many top performers are in high demand this time of year.

Keep your guests entertained with a few games and activities. The classic ugly Christmas sweater contest is always a hit. Instruct attendees to wear their flashiest holiday threads for a chance to take home a prize. Better yet, provide the materials to design ugly sweaters during the party as this can serve as an icebreaker.

What’s a holiday party without sweets? Set up a candy decoration station. Create a build-your-own dessert table with gingerbread houses, candy cane kits, or ice cream sundaes. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you decide to include in your party, make sure to keep it light and friendly. Avoid religious themes or traditions that don’t appeal to everyone.

2. Who Stole the Silver Bells?

Try something new this year while promoting teamwork with a holiday crime solving party. These parties teach teams to work together, solve problems, and reach a goal.

My Mystery Party and Night of Mystery are a couple of popular mystery game companies. Keep in mind that these activities typically need at least 10 people. On a budget? Go with an online kit that provides party invitations, game instructions, character lists, costumes, and more. Start by searching online for a theme that your office would enjoy. Offer the party as a perk by giving employees a half day on a Friday to start the game early.

3. Unity Potluck

If budget is a factor, one of our favorite office holiday party ideas is a company potluck is a great way to kick off an office holiday party. Put a creative spin on the traditional potluck by celebrating diversity in the workplace. Employees come from all types of cultural backgrounds. Host a holiday potluck and encourage participants to bring a cherished family recipe. We all have favorite foods that have been passed down for generations and would be thrilled to share with coworkers.

Announce your potluck party at least a couple weeks in advance to give everyone time to prepare. Create a sign-up sheet and post it in an accessible area for team members to mark down what they plan to bring. Potlucks are usually held during lunch hour, so pick a day with a lighter schedule. Days of the week with fewer meetings and higher attendance are the best choice for hosting a potluck. If your office has mixed schedules, host a breakfast or dinner potluck. The most important thing is to find a time that includes most people in your organization.

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