3 Tips for Building a Great Employee Experience

Wondering how to boost your employee experience? The key is to show them you care. These three essential tips will boost strategy, morale and happiness.

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education opportunities boost employee experience

From creating an enriching culture to performing essential daily tasks, employees are the backbone of any successful company. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your employees feel and perform their best each day. Here’s how to create an employee experience that boosts culture, productivity, and happiness.

Smooth onboarding

Onboarding sets the tone of the employee experience. That’s why we suggest starting this first impression off right with a well-written offer letter. These letters help define what a person is responsible for so there are no questions about expectations.

Additionally, a welcome email can help employees feel important and valued before their first day at work. This should be followed by a first day that’s filled with informative discussions, well-planned meetings, and fruitful conversations about the new employee’s goals, interests, and ideas about work.

Next, you might consider checking in with your employee for feedback on the onboarding experience after each day, week and month. In the beginning, they’ll likely have a lot of questions about what their job entails. Answering these questions – and asking for their opinion in return – can show that you care about their experience.

Offer learning opportunities

Providing opportunities for your employees to learn is a direct investment in your company. And these opportunities are desired by employees– particularly younger ones.

After all, providing them with more skills only makes them more competitive both within their roles and as individuals. You might decide to offer discounts or freebies on e-learning courses, where your employees can pursue projects of their choosing.

Or, you might consider starting a learning and development program at your work in which multiple employees can learn a new skill together. This can be a great way to create camaraderie among your team members, which can, in turn, improve the experience for everyone. Whatever you decide, be sure to consider what your employees are interested in and how these learning opportunities can help them succeed.

Promote wellness

Mental and physical wellness is at the core of every productive workforce and the key to a positive employee experience. If an employee doesn’t feel well, he or she is not going to perform well on the job. That’s why implementing workplace wellness programs is one of the best ways to improve the employee experience. Daily healthy habits, such as eating more nutritious snacks and staying physically fit, are easy to promote through daily changes.

For example, employers can host walking meetings and excursions in which teams get out and about while discussing ideas or problems. Providing free fruit and other healthy meal options can also help people stay focused and energized throughout the day.

Another idea is to provide memberships to fitness and health classes nearby. Hosting weekly yoga sessions or meditations in the office can also go a long way towards boosting wellness and showing employees you value their health. The important thing is access to wellness opportunities that excite and engage them. This will ensure that they stick with the plan and reap the long-term benefits of increased mental and physical health.

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