4 Employee Development Suggestions

What are the best ways to encourage professional growth within your organization? Here are 4 tried and true employee development suggestions.


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4 employee improvement suggestions

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s more important than ever to foster employee development. Employers who encourage learning and growth among employees have high-performing, happier teams as well as lower turnover rates. Supporting employee development is shown to improve job satisfaction, morale, employee motivation, and job performance. What are the best ways to encourage professional growth and development within your organization? Here are 4 tried and true employee development suggestions.

1. Implement A Financial Wellness Program

Financial wellness programs are designed to educate employees on money management topics, such as investing, retirement planning, debt control, and more. Each program should be customized to the needs of staff as workforces have different priorities.

Studies show that millennials want resources to help them plan their financial futures. With the burden of student loans and other fiscal responsibilities, millennials are eager to succeed. Although younger generations lead the demand for these programs, employees over 55 also welcome the perk as they near retirement age. Financial wellness programs are a great way to attract younger talent and improve employee well-being.

2. Offer Learning Incentives

Now more than ever, it’s critical for employees to keep their skillsets relevant. Embracing a learning mindset helps employees grow and avoid burnout by helping them constantly develop and update their role responsibilities.

That’s why one of our top employee development suggestions is to offer a learning stipend. Companies can allocate a small budget toward educational books, online courses, seminars, and events to help team members flourish. Putting the power in their hands gives each person the freedom to learn in a way that’s best for them.

If the budget doesn’t allow for a stipend, employers can choose to promote company-wide learning incentives. Sponsoring monthly or quarterly development opportunities are a cost-effective way to support employee development.

“Lunch and learns” or team seminars are great options to consider. Some employers even recommend podcasts depending on learning objectives. Start by gathering input from your team to effectively tailor learning initiatives to staff interests.

3. Create a Healthy Environment

It’s no surprise that healthy employees are happy and more productive. Not to mention, they cost less. Health development opportunities are a win for employers and staff. Many employees are interested in living healthier lives but have a hard time reaching their goals in the workplace.

Leading businesses are taking strides by offering healthy snacks and meal options in the breakroom. Office yoga, massage, and exercise classes are also increasing in popularity. A simple gym membership reimbursement program is another way to help team members get healthy. When employees recognize your investment in their health, they invest in you.

4. Build a Team Culture

Developing a highly skilled and motivated workforce requires teamwork– that’s why it’s no surprise that one of the top employee development suggestions is improving your team culture. Organizations who perform well as a team tend to have extremely strong, and usually unique, company cultures. Fostering an environment that individuals want to be a part of requires a consistent effort from leadership.

Culture building activities, such as team dinners, fun days, and even softball leagues are a great way to help employees develop leadership skills and work better together. Introducing fun initiatives not only promote team bonding but creates excitement to go to work. Staff who enjoy working together report higher levels of job satisfaction. Retain top talent by keeping your people happy.


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