What is Virtual Coworking? Plus, 6 Ideas for Productive Virtual Coworking

One way to avoid isolation and employee burnout is virtual coworking. But what is it, exactly?


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Use these ideas to help strengthen bonds among coworkers and keep productivity up

While over 2/3 of remote employees report they are more efficient and productive when working from home, keeping the team together and on the same page should still be a priority. Managers, business owners, and other remote workers are turning to virtual coworking to stay accountable.

Virtual coworking is when your employees or a group of professionals work together online. Perhaps you’ll use software like Zoom. Or better yet, you’ll collaborate on a platform like Slack or Basecamp. Either way, your employees or fellow freelancers are chatting and connecting online while they complete tasks.

In the era of COVID-19 and remote work, virtual coworking can offer a simple solution to work-from-home downsides like isolation, depression, and burnout. With 3 out of every 5 workers feeling lonely before the pandemic, virtual coworking may help strengthen bonds in the office.

The best part about virtual coworking is that you can tailor your coworking experience to your needs. Here are our top 6 ideas for productive coworking sessions.

In the era of COVID-19 and remote work, virtual coworking can offer a simple solution to work-from-home downsides like isolation, depression, and burnout.

1. Establish virtual work sprints

This is the standard virtual coworking session. Set up a certain amount of time — usually 45 minutes to an hour — to simply work together. Work sprints are great for accountability and task coordination. In addition, you don’t have to worry about asynchronous communication since everyone is on the call or group channel together.

2. Take group breaks for morale

Rather than work, this is a social call that you can turn into a 15-minute coffee break or water-cooler moment or even an hour-long lunch. You can relax, build relationships with your coworkers, and maybe even chat about work tasks in a familiar break structure. This kind of interaction pairs well as a reward after a solid work sprint.

3. Wellness challenges

It can be hard to keep fit, even before the pandemic. And even though gyms are closed, wellness challenges are a great solution. These challenges are flexible and you can focus on nutrition or working out more. Not only can you have a weekly check-up on individual wellness results, but you can also keep a dedicated newsletter or Slack channel for health tips.

4. Plan a day-long retreat

Similar to work sprints, you can have a day-long retreat on camera for interested employees. You can share work updates or aspirations, give presentations on new skillsets or trends, or even watch relevant work videos together, with breaks in between for your employees to talk and build relationships.

5. Kids hour

If you or your coworkers have children, it may be worth it to have a set hour to bring in the children. You can host a storytime, show and tell, or mini talent show to help parents balance their work-life and childcare.

6. Mastermind and expert talks

Working from home can offer plenty of time to skill-up. For virtual coworking spaces, this means you can invite an industry leader or expert to give a seminar on industry trends or tutorials on the latest technology. This is a great way to mix things up at work while giving a motivation boost.


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