6 Ways To Show Appreciation to Employees

With the holidays around the corner, give thanks at the office with these 6 simple ways to show appreciation to employees.

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Small Business Owners Share How They Show Employee Appreciation Year Round

What better time is there to show appreciation for your employees than during the holiday season? Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to communicate gratitude to friends and family– but it doesn’t have to stop there. Bring that positive feedback to the office with these 6 ways to show appreciation to employees.

A small, personalized gift

Going over the top is never good, but there are plenty of small things you can do for employees that show them you appreciate them. Even something as simple as a personalized pen can go a long way—it’s the thought that counts, after all.

Just say it

One of the best ways to show appreciation to employees is to just say it– and say it often. Sometimes it’s easy to get consumed by the stress of running a small business and putting out fires. But it’s important to be wary, if the only communication you’re having with your employees is negative, that’s going to impact your office culture and your employees’ work ethic. It only takes a second to praise those who are performing well and it can make a lasting impact on your employees, even going as far as boosting their job satisfaction and happiness at work.

Bring treats into the office

If you’re not in a place where you can spend a excess money but you don’t want to skimp on gratitude, another good way to show appreciation to employees is by whipping up some homemade treats and bringing them into the office. Something as easy as cookies or cupcakes can be a delight around the office, especially if they’re homemade by the boss.

Provide professional development

What better way to show appreciation for your employees than to make sure that they’re learning the skills they need to reach the levels of success they aspire to? Fulfillment at work comes from staying engaged and refreshing skill sets. While it’s not as glitzy as a nicely-wrapped present, professional guidance will last throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Go with a gift card

A lump sum of money might be seen as thoughtless, but if you provide that money in the form of a gift card to your employee’s favorite coffee shop or lunch spot, it’s an easy way to get a gift that shows that you pay attention to their likes and their happiness.

Organize an off-site

A company off-site is beneficial for a number of reasons. Quality time to foster meaningful conversations between coworkers and managers can strengthen a positive company culture and demonstrate appreciation. There’s also a business benefit: trips also give co-workers the prolonged exposure together to brainstorm and think outside the box about work-related issues. 

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