8 Effective Alternatives to Posting on a Job Board

Many companies assume that posting on a job board is the best option when hiring, but it may not be. Try these effective alternatives to find great candidates.

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8 Effective Alternatives To Posting On a Job Board

Here's what you need to know:

  • Excellent alternatives to posting on a job board include recruiting on LinkedIn and considering previous applicants
  • Other great alternatives include networking with other managers and creating a social media recruiting strategy
  • Consider trying employee referrals to find new staff members and attending or creating virtual job fairs and networking events
  • Create “A Day In the Life” YouTube videos to show prospective employees what it’s like to work at your organization
  • Talk to your customers and clients to potentially discover new talent

Hiring is a lot more challenging than it used to be. Not only has it become difficult to find good talent, but it’s also become increasingly confusing as to where to look to find candidates.

While most companies assume that posting on a job board is the most effective option, it might not be the best way to go. If you’re looking for something more creative or just trying to find better candidates, there are several great alternatives out there today.

Perhaps you want to post to a job board and find other ways to get your job listing out there. Maybe you’re trying to avoid boards altogether.

In either case, you can trust that you’ll be able to find plenty of top-quality candidates when you utilize the right resources. Today, the internet has made that easier than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Look into LinkedIn and other professional resources

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most popular resources for job hunting and recruiting alike. It offers many advanced features compared to other social media sites.

Since it’s a business-focused network, it has everything that you need to recruit top talent, search for new employees, and network with other professionals so that you can find the next candidate for your company.

LinkedIn does have a standard job board that you can post to, but you can also search for and message people directly, saving you the hassle of sifting through 200 resumes that may or may not actually be relevant.

2. Check out previous job applicants

Too many companies say they keep applicants on file for future consideration and never actually return in the future. Take advantage of the technology that comes with a modern ATS (applicant tracking system) and go through old applicants that may now have a place in the organization even if they didn’t before.

Don’t keep bad applications, of course, but if you’ve got people that are worth reconsidering, file them away and go back to these applications before you start recruiting outwardly. You could also consider rehiring employees that are eligible and meet your needs.

3. Network with other executives and managers

There’s always room for networking in business. When it comes to finding the best talent for the roles you have to fill, asking other leaders and business owners if they know people is always a great choice.

They may have candidates that weren’t quite right for them but could be the perfect fit. Perhaps they know someone who’s going to be looking for work, or they have a network that they can reach out to on your behalf to promote the open positions and fill the roles with the right talent.

4. Create a social media recruiting strategy

It’s startling the number of companies that still aren’t utilizing social media for all that it can do. Again, as with LinkedIn, there is a lot more you can use than just the job boards on Facebook and other sites.

You should consider networking with your audience and utilizing your social media to promote available positions. This can help you find better talent that you might not have discovered otherwise. If you’ve got a strong following, people will love helping you find the talent that you need.

Make sure that you create a social media recruiting strategy that can be standardized for any open positions that you have. Then, when you need to hire, you’ll be able to just plug in the plan and go, instead of having to recreate the entire process every single time.

8 Effective Alternatives to Posting on a Job Board

5. Try employee referrals to find new staff members

Who doesn’t love employee referrals? If you have team members that are leading the way and who know people looking for work, they could be the answer that you need.

You could even incentivize these referrals and offer people benefits or special bonuses for referring people to a position. Not only does it help you find the best talent, but it keeps your employees engaged and makes them feel even more valuable than they already do.

Some companies avoid referrals because they can’t monitor or control the quality of people being referred, but if you know your staff, you’ll be able to easily know whether they’re giving you a good candidate or if they aren’t going to fit your needs.

6. Attend or create virtual job fairs and networking events

In-person events are still a great place to find talent, but the internet has also made it easy for companies to create or attend virtual networking events and job fairs right from their office.

There are several ways that you can find talent at these fairs, including by offering an open chat or posting a video describing your company and its values. You could even chat with people in real time and interview them on the spot to fill the roles that you have open.

Virtual networking and job fair events are the way of the future. As the multiverse starts to become an actuality in the business world, some companies are even investing in virtual and augmented reality solutions to help with recruiting, networking, employee training and onboarding, and related needs.

7. Create “A Day In the Life” YouTube videos

Creating a hard-sell video that just tries to recruit top talent or brags about your company isn’t going to be effective in attracting the best talent today. Employees in today’s business world are far more interested in what’s in it for them.

Using YouTube to create videos that showcase a day as an employee in the company can give people a more reassuring idea of what they’re getting into and encourage better talent to apply.

Using YouTube to create videos that showcase a day as an employee in the company can give people a more reassuring idea of what they’re getting into and encourage better talent to apply.

You can also use these videos to explain your company’s culture and benefits to potential employees and encourage others to refer to those that they know who might be a great fit for the role. Keep it personable and engaging and you’ll go far.

8. Talk to your customers and clients to find new talent

If you have passionate clients that love the industry or the products you sell, for example, they could be a great source of finding new talent. Whether it’s them specifically or they refer someone they know, getting your best customers on board is always a great alternative for finding talent in unlikely places.

And if this doesn’t work, you’ve created a unique relationship with your clients that allows them to see your organization for what it is and not some untouchable entity.

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Get creative and get hunting for top talent

These are some great ideas to help you find the top talent for your organization, no matter what you’re looking for. There are several other creative ways to find new employees, so be sure to let your imagination run.

Consider brainstorming with team leaders and HR staff to come up with unique ideas, or just embrace all the options listed here for what they offer. Remember to take advantage of social media and other unique platforms to attract talent, too.

Once you have the right staff, make sure that you also have a solid employee onboarding process to ensure that each new candidate gets the welcome they deserve and that compliance and training requirements are executed effectively across the board.

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