AI: How It Can Assist Your Small Business in the Workplace

Have you fully embraced AI yet? Here are 4 ways AI can help you in your business.

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Accounting, marketing, and operations are just some of the areas AI can be helpful in for small businesses.

Let’s face it — AI is everywhere, but for good reason. It can completely streamline our lives and our businesses in a way that saves us valuable resources.

Pretty soon, most businesses will be automated in one way or another as new technology emerges to take some mundane tasks off our hands.

If you’re looking for new ways AI can assist your small business, you won’t have to search very hard. The following offer some of the biggest opportunities to do so.

Automated accounting

One of the most time-consuming areas of any business can be found in the accounting department.

Whether it’s invoicing, payroll, budgeting, and the likes — accounting not only eats up a lot of time, but it’s at the highest risk for human error. Naturally, this creates issues when certain accounting tasks are completed manually.

Financial aspects of running a business were some of the first areas artificial intelligence got involved in. Now, with AI you can:

  • Auto-schedule invoices
  • Automate bookkeeping
  • Create email reminders

Marketing campaigns

Gone are the days where print, television, or radio ads were the extent of your marketing. With the emergence of digital communication channels, it has become more important than ever to not only have effective marketing campaigns but to ensure you’re doing all you can to appeal to your target audience in order to drive your bottom line.

Fortunately, a lot of this can be done through the power of marketing automation. Not only can you collect data about your customers in an instant, but you create social media campaigns, email marketing sequences, and so much more by utilizing marketing AI.

Streamline operations

Running a small business presents ample tasks that eat the time we should be spending on more critical tasks. One of the biggest areas of impact AI has is within your business operations.

You can:

  • Automate scheduling of appointments
  • Automate responses to emails
  • Set up Messenger bots to help assist customers
  • Employ services, such as Zapier, to help integrate your various apps and technology

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding AI apps that can automate your operations, you just have to find the ones that work best for you and your team.

In your personal life

As a small business owner, your personal life and your business life are very much hand in hand. Any way you can make your personal life more efficient can only help you be a better, more effective business owner.

Employ AI in your personal life by using a calendar app, health tracking apps, and more to help assist you in living your optimal life.

Bottom line

Artificial intelligence will pretty much be in every area of your life before too long. Because it has the greatest ROI in your business, isolate the various areas you can streamline and find AI that can help.

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