Announcing Your New Hires to Your Team During the Onboarding Process (With Free Email Template)

Help your new hire connect with fellow colleagues, encourage discussion, and foster connections by sending out an introductory email. 


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Announcing Your New Hires to Your Team During the Onboarding Process (With Free Email Template)

Here's what you need to know about introducing your new hire:

  • An introductory email should be sent out the morning of the new hire's arrival, if not a few days before.
  • Make sure the team knows where the new hire will be working, who they're working for, their role, and how to contact them.
  • It may be nice to include some personal details such as hobbies, pets, etc.

Having a solid and thorough onboarding process is crucial for any company looking to set its new hires up for success.

Onboarding is a multifunction process:

  • Sharing company, team, and role information with your new employee,
  • Providing them with the opportunity “to inform employers on how to best engage with them for maximum value for all parties.”

Unfortunately, only 12% of employees in one Gallup poll agree that their company did a good job onboarding them. One in 5 said there was no onboarding process at all!

Onboarding and welcoming new members to your company is an essential process with a few steps. Whether your company is working remotely or in person, some of these onboarding steps include:

  • Communication with the new hire: Sending them video conference links, explaining how they can prepare ahead of time, etc
  • Hardware setup and delivery: Shipping laptops and other hardware, sending them instructions regarding correct equipment set up, etc
  • Planning their first week: Inviting them to virtual lunches, making team introductions, setting them up with buddies, enrolling them in training, etc.
  • Guiding their new hire journey: Remember, onboarding does not end after week 1!

Here we explore the importance of a proper new hire announcement to the team and company and what that looks like. We also provide a sample email template for you to use as inspiration.

The importance of a well-planned onboarding process

A solid onboarding process has some significant benefits for your company:

  • It can improve employee retention by 82%
  • Employees who felt their onboarding process was great were 6 times more likely to be “extremely satisfied with their workplace” and more likely to stay.

A strong onboarding program is well worth the investment for all companies, whether large or small. There are always costs when onboarding new employees, but higher costs are associated with replacing employees who leave (turnover costs). These costs include:

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Ramp-up time

The costs vary per company, so we put together a guide on how to calculate your firm’s turnover costs.

Why you should immediately announce new hires to the team

Announcing a new hire is a vital step of the onboarding process and should be one of your first steps on day 1. Some companies even send the announcement email a few days before the new hire joins! It’s important to announce your new employee to the company and their team ASAP for a few reasons. These include:

  1. An early announcement avoids awkward situations between the new hire and their team. Seeing a brand new person unexpectedly join a meeting can be unsettling for both your new hire and the existing team.
  2. It prepares current employees for a potential new boss or senior team member.
  3. It makes the new employee feel welcomed and like they are a part of the team. Nothing makes a new hire feel worse than realizing nobody on their team had a clue they were starting that day!

As a small business, it’s likely your new hire will interact with most employees in the company at some point. So, an introduction on day 1 will allow everyone to have a smooth transition.

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What should your company’s announcement look like?

A virtual introduction is the most efficient way to make sure everyone is well acquainted.

As a starting point, when announcing a new hire to the team, your message should include the following:

  • Their name
  • Photo (if they’re okay with this)
  • Role within the company
  • The group they’ll be joining
  • Short bio (experience, education, important projects, etc.)

You have the option to include additional items in your email, depending on your hire, their preferences, and your office culture. For example, your new hire might want you to provide their pronouns, preferred name, or how to pronounce their name.

Some companies like to add more personal touches about the employee, such as:

  • Hobbies
  • Favorite books/movies
  • Pets

This can help your new hire connect with fellow colleagues, encourage discussion, and foster connections.

By including more personal information about your new hire, your existing employees will know what non-work-related Slack channels to add them to! Work besties are valuable for fostering an engaged, happy workforce 🙂

Below we have a free email template to get you started. Of course, add your specific company’s tone and culture.

Sample email template

Now that you understand the importance of properly introducing new team members, feel free to use our template, and add your own personal touch!

Hi everyone,

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to [Name of Employee] to the [Name of Department] at [Company Name].

[Name of Employee] will start on [Date] as a [Role Title] on the [Name of Department] team, reporting to [Direct Supervisor]. [Insert details about the new hire’s role.]

Insert details from the New Hire Bio that you can request from your employee. You can include details such as their:

  • Academic and professional background
  • Years of experience
  • Fun facts — such as their hobbies and passions

We’re excited to see [Name of Employee] apply their experience to help drive growth at our business and [insert details about individual and/or departmental goals and objectives].

You can reach [Name of Employee] at [Phone Number, Email Address, Slack, etc.].

[If working on-site]: [Name of Employee]’s desk is at [Location, such as building, floor, room], so make sure to say hello and welcome our newest team member!


The research is clear that a robust onboarding process is beneficial for both your new employee and the company. An important part of this is announcing your new team member and ensuring they feel you have prepared the team for their presence.. Announcing them on their first day via email sends the message that you’re excited to welcome them and want their fellow colleagues to know more about them.

If you’re looking for comprehensive resources on how to do a thorough welcome, we have resources and checklists to help guide you through this process.


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