Here Are the Apps Working Moms Swear By

The third article of our Mompreneur column will cover the best mom apps for management and more. Here are the top apps working mothers swear by.

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Most productivity and organization tools fall into two categorieswork or home. But when you’re a working mom, you need both. Take a look at a few apps that working moms love for managing their worlds so that their time – whether at work or with the kids – is quality time. Our newest Mompreneur article focuses on the best mom apps on the market.

News and information apps

Though it’s not actually a mom app (or an app at all), get a smart start to your day with Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that offers a short and to-the-point summary of major business headlines “from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.” Perfect for focusing your reading, this morning news round-up points you toward relevant economic, political, regulatory, tech and social issues with a potential impact on your business. The Skimm offers a similar daily missive with more of a bent toward culture and lifestyle news and also features an app for tracking events, podcasts, articles and recommendations for women in the know.

Work and home productivity apps

Since its debut in 2011, Trello has maintained its highly-favored status among savvy mompreneurs due to an intuitive user interface that allows you to manage projects, keep track of task lists and organize dates, schedules and documents. It’s built for collaboration, so it’s a breeze to use with colleagues or to loop in your partner—allowing you to keep tabs on important client meetings and whose turn it is to drive the carpool.

If you want a platform designed to manage just about every aspect of family life that also allows and encourages the whole family to be involved, look no further than Picniic. Billed as a “Family Assistant,” this virtual dashboard takes the concept of a shared calendar a step further, allowing for you to tag individuals, send reminders and keep track of the whole family’s whereabouts with GPS tracking. A secure information locker stores important data so that you have everything from the new WIFI password to your children and spouse’s social security number at your fingertips right when you need it. Plus, the menu planner allows you to prepare for the week ahead and creates shared shopping lists so that you never run out of milk.

Health apps

Genie MD is a top-notch app for organizing and tracking health data so that you show up at your appointment on time and with all the information you need. Designed to “securely store and conveniently share your health profile from the palm of your hand” this program also allows you to track important trends, like blood pressure, glucose and fluctuations in weight, so that you can share it with your healthcare provider and manage medications.

For families with children who have complex healthcare needs or make frequent visit to the pediatrician, Caremap is a great resource for keeping track of health information, appointments and healthcare goals so that nothing slips between the cracks. And for days when junior is too sick to go to school and the family doctor can’t fit you in, the Doctors on Demand app allows you to have a consultation with a board-certified physician about a wide range of health issues and medical conditions for a nominal fee over your smartphone or tablet.

Babystitting apps

An invaluable tool for finding childcare, Bambino allows you to connect with, hire and pay babysitters using your smartphone. A virtual community composed of families and sitters in your own area, this app allows you to find childcare recommended by people you know and trust. Similarly,, the world’s largest marketplace for finding caregivers for your home, offers an app that allows you to connect with caregivers for your children, aging family members and even pets. Line up help with housework, homework or your mother-in-law while you’re stuck in traffic or on the treadmill.

Relaxation apps

When it’s time to relax, look to working-gal favorites like Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness program for your smart phone, and Banquet, an app that allows you to order your favorite wine and have it shipped right to your door. Finally, even though apps like Keepy and Artkive aren’t classic organization apps, these two programs create a digital archive of your children’s artwork and family mementos, freeing up the front of the refrigerator for the one organizational tool no working mother should live without: the dry-erase whiteboard.

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