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Remote Worker Reimbursement

Several states, the District of Columbia, and the city of Seattle have laws requiring organizations to provide their employees with reimbursement for any “necessary work-related expenses.”

HR Fast Facts: What Is California’s 2810.5 Notice?

California Labor Code section 2810.5 requires employers to provide written notice to employees about specific employment items.

How to Ensure Your Pay Practices Are in Compliance With Pay Disclosure Laws

Find out what your company needs to know about pay transparency and complying with pay disclosure mandates.

What Employers and HR Leaders in Oregon and WA need to know about the new FMLA programs

In a rare move, the Oregon and Washington state agencies that oversee each state’s paid family and medical leave programs have issued joint guidance on how to make the employer contribution for family leave when more than one state is involved.

What Is the WARN Act?

The WARN Act requires that certain employers provide written notice of massive layoffs or factory closings to employees and government regulators 60 calendar days before the terminations occur.

How to Handle Workplace Investigations: A Guide for California Employers

California employers have to contend with a multitude of compliance requirements. Read this guide for best practices for handling workplace investigations.

California Job Postings Must Include Salary in 2023

A rapidly growing number of states, cities, and counties require wage transparency.

How Will California’s Fast Food Council Bill Affect QSRs Across the Country?

As currently written, AB257 will go into effect after labor groups secure signatures from 10,000 fast-food restaurant employees.

San Francisco Employers Face New Paid Sick Leave Requirement

Employers in San Francisco have a new paid public health leave requirement to follow — in addition to the city's already existing paid sick leave law.

California Compliance Checklist: The Key to Avoiding Lawsuits

A California compliance checklist can help you avoid lawsuits and keep your employees happy.

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