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DOL Says Workers Not Entitled to ADA Accommodation for High-risk Household Members

The EEOC states that employers do not need to provide ADA accommodations to employees who have household members with high risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Deferring Employee Payroll Taxes: What You Need to Know

What Trump's executive order on payroll taxes means for employees and employers

Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders as Stimulus Talks Stall: But Will It Include a Second Stimulus Check?

4 takeaways from Trump's executive orders, and what it means for small businesses and the workforce

Understanding the COVID-19 Tax Credit

We answer commonly asked questions about the COVID-19 tax credit and Form 7200

How Restaurants Are Coping with Pandemic Whiplash

It has been a turbulent time for restaurants. Hear from 3 restaurant operators from across the country on how their businesses are faring.

New Stimulus Package in Negotiations to Help Small Businesses, Workers

6 things to look out for as Congress begins negotiating on the next round of stimulus

NJ Severance Pay Requirement Delayed Because of COVID-19

New Jersey lawmakers voted earlier this year to require certain employers to provide severance pay to staff after mass layoffs or plant closings. The law is now getting pushed back due to COVID-19.

New H-1B Visas Halted Through 2020

President Trump suspends H-1B and other visas until the end of the year

[UPDATED] The PPP Deadline was June 30: Here are Other Relief Options

Don’t forget about the EIDL program, employee retention tax credit, Social Security deferral, and the sick and family leave credit to help your small business

Deep Dive: Supreme Court Rules that Title VII Forbids LGBTQ Discrimination

Monday's surprise ruling protects the rights of LGBTQ workers

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