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Business Unusual: Floral Designer’s Campaign for Black Residents Made Hearts Open and Business Blossom

Oakland's Ariana Marbley created an opportunity for anyone to give a flower to Black locals in her community to remind them that they’re supported, loved, and appreciated.

Racial Equity and Justice at Work: How to Keep the Conversation Going Beyond Juneteenth

We spoke with 2 experts on how to keep the conversation of racial justice and equity going in the workplace

Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Statement for Your Business (With FREE Workbook)

A diversity and inclusion statement can illustrate your organization’s commitment to fostering a welcoming workplace that celebrates differences.

How To Update Your Employee Handbook to Reflect Your Business’ Values

If you want to update your employee handbook to demonstrate your company’s commitment to equity and inclusivity, here’s some guidance to help you get started.

How Companies Can Combat Structural Racism and Make Systemic Change

Hear from 4 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialists about how to create workplaces that are equal for all — and why today’s movement against injustice feels different.

Should Your Business Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms?

Having gender-neutral bathrooms provides a welcoming environment to workers and clients, and demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity.