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What is a Paternity Leave Policy? (And Should My Business Have One?)

What is paternity leave? How does it work? And do I need to offer it? This article covers the details of paternity leave policy for employers.

How Do I Rescind a Job Offer Letter?

There are potential reprecussions when you rescind that job offer letter. Learn how to proceed with caution in this article.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Companies interested in how to reduce employee turnover can apply these famous models to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, retention, and more.

How to Attract and Retain Qualified Workers

Finding talent is hard. Keeping quaified laborers might be even harder. Explore these steps for hiring and retaining qualified workers.

What Is Employee Turnover

What is employee turnover, and why does it matter? If you run a business, you may have to face staff turnover and its implications. Here's what to know.

How to Decrease Employee Turnover

One of the most common complaints from business owners is a lack of employee loyalty. The turnover rate is too damn high. The data suggests they’re right. A study from the Work Institute estimated that 42 million — one in four, employees — left their jobs in 2018. Yet, the same study suggests that nearly […]

Employee Onboarding Checklists: What to Include

Learn about the 5 essential components of an employee onboarding checklist and how to design one for your company's needs.

3 Employee Evaluation Examples

An employee evaluation is a powerful tool for improving performance of the workplace. Use these examples to help guide your process.

Should You Disclose Your Salary History?

As more states and cities ban employers from asking for a salary history, should you disclose your past salary and compensation?

How to Respond to a Counter Offer Letter

After you send an offer letter, you might get a counter offer letter. Learn how to plan ahead for this scenario, including a sample counter offer letter.

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