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The Main Causes of Employee Absenteeism (and What to Do About It)

Employee absenteeism is a rising problem with many possible causes. The first step is understanding why your employees are avoiding the office.

Even as Labor Market Tightens, Experts Say Ageism Holding Small Businesses Back

The labor market for small businesses is tight as unemployment falls. But some experts ageism is still ane issue hurting for the workforce.

How to Write the Perfect Job Description

Attracting the right hire to your team starts long before your recruit enters the building. Learn how to craft the perfect job description today.

The 7 Benefits of Onboarding New Employees Purposefully

The benefits of onboarding extend way past new employee orientation and time to sign paperwork. Here's how a thoughtfully planned process benefits everyone.

Is this the Season to Review Your Hiring Process?

As 2017 comes to a close with the holiday season in full swing, starting the new hire process for next year may be the last thing on your mind. Yet according to The Accounting Principal’s Holiday Bonus & Hiring Survey, the majority of businesses are in the midst of planning their 2018 hiring right now. […]

Patty McCord’s Advice on Culture & What Matters Most

Patty McCord knows a thing or two about creating an unparalleled company culture. In fact, she wrote a deck on it during her fourteen years as Chief Talent Officer of Netflix. But this isn’t just any deck; it has been viewed more than fifteen million times, and Sheryl Sandberg said that it “may be the […]

7 Ways to Boost Employee Happiness

Want to boost employee engagement and overall happiness amongst your team? Get 7 straight-forward tips for making them happier.

How Benefits Can Help You Win the Talent War

Melissa Davis, CEO of Elev8 Hire Solutions, explains how offering great benefits can attract top candidates to your company.

Hiring for Startups: Advice from Founders and Talent Leaders

Hiring for startups is anything but easy. Get advice from successful founders and talent leaders on everything from how to grow to mistakes to avoid.

3 Ways to Lose Your Best Employees

Employee turnover is costly for business. It’s even costlier when your best employees jump ship, leaving behind a void of skills and expertise. In fact, the departure of highly specialized professionals can cost a business 400 percent of an employee’s annual salary! And that doesn’t include the hidden costs of attrition like increased workload for other […]

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