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The Job Market Is Stressing New Grad Employees: How Can HR Help?

Fresh grads entering the workforce are more stressed than ever. Find out how HR can help create a more supportive environment for these young employees.

This Checklist Will Help Ensure Your Hiring Process Is Compliant

Hiring new employees is always exciting, but the process must comply with the law. Use this checklist to ensure you cover all your bases.

3 Main Benefits of a Collaborative Hiring Process

The point of the collaborative hiring process is to have "expert" team members participate in the hiring process.

5 Common Challenges of Employee Training and How to Get Around Them

The typical challenges of employee training can breach even the best learning and development programs. Here's how to get around them.

Cost of Employee Turnover

Understanding the cost of employee turnover helps employers strategize to reduce employee turnover, improve retention, and save money. Here's how.

How (and What) Employee Training Tools Are Helping HR and Business Managers More Effectively Train the Workforce

As new and innovative employee training tools emerge, here's how businesses and HR use LMS, mobile apps, and more to effectively train the workforce.

What Your Job Descriptions Say About Your Company

When writing job descriptions, it is important to keep in mind that they are one of your most powerful tools in attracting and eventually hiring the right job applicants.

Identifying High-Risk-for-Flight Employees and Retaining Them

Market conditions are putting a squeeze on businesses. These, along with whatever other conditions are being felt, make retaining existing talent more critical than ever.

Form an Employee Training Plan in 6 Steps

An employee training plan outlines items like training needs, strategies, goals, activities, and a training curriculum.

Increase Engagement and Combat Quiet Quitting with this People Operations Checklist

Quiet quitting is synonymous with low engagement. If you want to boost retention, you'll want to follow this checklist.

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