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What HRIS Systems Are Best for Small Businesses?

With the right HR software systems, you can streamline your HR administration to save time and money. What should you look for? We've got the answers.

8 Effective Alternatives to Posting on a Job Board

Many companies assume that posting on a job board is the best option when hiring, but it may not be. Try these effective alternatives to find great candidates.

Putting New Hires on Probation: Pros and Cons

Everyone wants the new employment relationship to work well. Probationary periods are the safety net that sets everyone up for success.

Top HR Tips for Small Businesses

Human resources is critical in any business, small or large. Discover these essential HR resources and best practices for your small business.

What CA Employers Should Include in an Employee Handbook

Although it's not mandatory to have an employee handbook in California, having one can reduce headaches and lawsuits in the future.

6 Essential Steps Every New Manager Needs to Take in Their First 90 Days

New to leading a team? Discover these top tips to help yourself and your team members achieve success in your first months on the job.

Is Your HR Process Scalable? Find Out With These 6 Scalability Indicators

Scaling a business can get tricky without adaptable processes that can handle growth. Audit your human resources systems with these 6 key indicators.

HR Department of One: How to Manage on Your Own

A well-run HR Department manages the functions that impact employees for a compliant workplace with a culture of respect and professionalism.

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of HR in 2022

Here’s how advancements in AI are helping human resources teams to streamline compliance, hiring, DEI, training, onboarding, and more.

First Time In the Office: Helping Remote Hires Transition To On-site

A large percentage of new staff hired in the last two years has never stepped foot in an office on company property.

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