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HR Fast Facts: How Do I Renew My Company’s FSA Plan?

In order to continue offering employees Flexible Spending Accounts, HR administrators generally must renew their FSA plan near the end of their plan year.

HR Fast Facts: Health Insurance Rate Structures

Health insurance premiums are assigned based on an employee's family type and gender. Here are some related acronyms you should know.

HR Fast Facts: Getting Started With Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

If your group offers a Health Savings Account eligible plan, you can sign up for an HSA through a benefits administration platform.

HR Fast Facts: How Do Employees Correct the Information on Their Health Insurance Card?

If an employee's health insurance card has incorrect information, they can contact their broker to have a new card ordered.

HR Fast Facts: What Are Employer Fees for FSAs?

Carriers may charge employers a base annual servicing fee and a monthly fee per employee enrolled in a Medical and/or Dependent Care FSA.

The Ultimate Guide to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

COBRA is a health insurance program that allows employees to continue to receive benefits under their employer's group health plans after losing coverage.

Top Childcare Benefits to Offer Your Employees

If unaddressed, stress can adversely impact working parents’ health and productivity — and the company’s bottom line. Here are the top 5 childcare benefits to offer your workers.

Policies Employers Should Consider Implementing During Flu Season

Businesses lose over $576 billion annually from absent sick employees. Consider implementing these policies to help your workers stay healthy.

HR Fast Facts: Filing the ERISA Form 5500

The Form 5500 series is a reporting and disclosure tool for the Department of Labor that satisfies annual reporting requirements for employee benefit plans.

HR Fast Facts: Benefits Available to Workers after Termination

After a worker is terminated, in most cases, the worker's benefits coverage will extend to the end of the month in which they were terminated. Some companies may have same-day or mid-month termination policies.

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