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How Much Employer Health Insurance Should I Offer My Employees?

Many SMBs find that offering healthcare coverage is an investment in their staffers and their business’ future. As an employer, you may be wondering how much coverage to provide.

What Are the 4 Major Types of Employee Benefits?

Your benefits package is key to hiring and keeping top employees. Here are 4 benefits you don’t want to miss.

Are There ACA Requirements for Businesses With Less Than 50 Employees?

SMBs that employ less than 50 FTE workers are not required under the ACA to provide healthcare coverage. But calculating the number for FTE staff can get complicated.

Getting Back to Work During COVID-19

Navigate the transition back to work safely with these tips and guidelines.

How Do I Offer Health Insurance to My Employees?

Providing healthcare attracts new workers and is a retention tool for your current staff. Here’s how to best provide health insurance as an employer.

ACA Affordability Threshold for 2021: What ALEs Need to Know

If you’re an Applicable Large Employer (ALE), find out what the ACA affordability threshold is for next year.

Federal Benefits Changes to Watch for in 2021

Congress has adjusted federal laws and regulations throughout 2020, which will affect the way SMBs plan and administer a few benefits next year.

The Top Employee Benefits You Should Offer

A rundown of the most desirable benefits and perks to offer

What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Does your health insurance coverage truly cover everything?

State Employee Benefit Plans

All states offer health insurance, retirement plans, and other postemployment benefits to public sector employees. Find out what other benefits state workers are eligible for.

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