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What is Constructive Discharge and How Can It Hurt Your Business? 

Constructive discharge is, in effect, an involuntary resignation.

What Is the Portal-to-Portal Act?

Determining compensable work time under the Portal-to-Portal Act is not always clear-cut.

HR Headaches: How Can Virtual Employees Access Workplace Labor Law Posters?

Digitization allows employers to make sure remote workers see all the required labor law posters.

What is Disparate Treatment? Discrimination in the Workplace

Worker’s rights begin at the recruitment process — even before an employee is hired. At every stage of employment, disparate treatment can occur.

HR Headaches: How Can I Offer Abortion Travel Reimbursement While Respecting My Employees’ Privacy?

Travel reimbursements for abortion services could put employee privacy at risk. Here’s how you can balance abortion benefits and privacy in the workplace.

HR Headaches: Candidates Aren’t Accepting My Job Offers

Whether candidates are ghosting or rejecting your job offers, you’re not alone. In 2020, Glassdoor reported that 1 in 6 offers was rejected on average. In some industries, that rate was considerably higher.

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