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A Small Business Guide to FMLA

Learn more about the Family and Medical Leave Act, and how it impacts your employees and small business.

California Approves a New Set of COVID-19 Emergency Workplace Standards

If you conduct business in California, you need to pay attention to Cal/OSHA's new set of workplace standards.

IRS Announces Enhanced Child Care Tax Credits for 2021

The enhanced credit is a part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, and it increases the existing tax benefit eligible families can receive.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Remote Firing

Firing a remote employee is never easy for the business or the worker. Here’s how to do so correctly and professionally.

Can Small Businesses Ask Customers for Proof of Vaccination or Require a Vaccine Passport?

Requiring proof of vaccination may be legal in your state, but consider these points before making a decision.

How Often Should You Run Payroll?

Before you set your company's payroll frequency, consider these factors first.

COBRA Compliance Checklist for Employers

Don't get bitten by COBRA! Use this checklist to stay in compliance.

Payroll Tax Penalties Small Businesses Should Know About

Here are penalties your small business might face for failing to comply with payroll tax laws — along with waivers and technology for avoiding them.

Everything You Need to Build Your Employee Handbook

Here's how to make your employee handbook comprehensive, up to date, compliant, and accessible.

Do You Have an Inclement Weather Pay Policy?

Severe weather may cause you to temporarily close your business or modify employees’ work schedules. Here's how to create a payroll policy that addresses inclement weather.

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