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HR Fast Facts: Limits on Employer Contributions to Dependent Care FSAs

Learn about dependent care FSA employer contribution rules here.

Claiming an Employee Retention Credit in 2022

Small businesses can still claim an employee retention credit on their 2022 tax returns. In fact, you can file until 2024 for 2020 credits.

How to Ensure Your Pay Practices Are in Compliance With Pay Disclosure Laws

Find out what your company needs to know about pay transparency and complying with pay disclosure mandates.

What Employers and HR Leaders in Oregon and WA need to know about the new FMLA programs

In a rare move, the Oregon and Washington state agencies that oversee each state’s paid family and medical leave programs have issued joint guidance on how to make the employer contribution for family leave when more than one state is involved.

Working While Impaired: Are Employees Putting Your Company at Risk?

To minimize risk, business leaders must be alert to the warning signs of an impaired worker and be ready to respond immediately.

How to Communicate an Employee’s Gender Transition Respectfully

Learn more about the importance of supporting transgender and transitioning employees, and ways companies can communicate a worker's gender transition respectfully.

HR Headaches: What to Do When a Former Employee Badmouths Your Organization

A company’s reputation is one of its greatest assets, so when a former worker speaks ill of an organization, it can hurt. Here are tips for handling these situations.

How to Handle Workplace Investigations: A Guide for California Employers

California employers have to contend with a multitude of compliance requirements. Read this guide for best practices for handling workplace investigations.

How to Make Your Freelancers Feel Like Part of the Team

Find out how to create an inclusive dynamic with independent contractors while staying in compliance with employment law.

What Will the U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action Mean for Employers?

Affirmative Action has been challenged throughout its history by high-profile academic-based court cases such as Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) and Fisher v. University of Texas (2016).

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