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Helping Employees Understand Health Insurance Costs

Helping your staff to understand medical insurance costs is an easy way to show you care without changing your employee benefits package.

HR Fast Facts: Can a Company Make Mid-Year Health Plan Changes?

Only specific changes can be made by an administrator outside of an annual renewal or open enrollment period.

HR Fast Facts: How Are FSA Contributions Deducted?

Employee flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are funded through employee payroll deductions and company contributions.

HR Fast Facts: Do Employees and Their Dependents Have the Same Effective Dates?

When enrolling a dependent during initial or open enrollment periods, dependents will have the same effective date as the employee enrolling.

HR Fast Facts: How Much Does It Cost to Add a Dependent to Health Insurance?

Learn about how employees can check the cost of adding dependents to their plan — along with when they're able to enroll them.

HR Fast Facts: Can Employees Decline Health Insurance and Enroll Later?

Employees who choose to decline coverage during initial enrollment will not be covered under their employer's insurance plans or pay any premium deductions.

HR Fast Facts: How Do Employees Select a Primary Care Physician During Open Enrollment?

Here's how to provide answers to your employees who may be wondering what a Primary Care Physician (PCP) ID is, where to find one, and what to do with one.

HR Fast Facts: When Can Employees Cancel Their Health Insurance Coverage?

There are valid reasons for employees to cancel their health insurance coverage outside of open enrollment. Find out what they are here.

HR Fast Facts: Why Do Employees Need to Provide Proof of a Qualifying Live Event?

When enrolling in insurance coverage due to a qualifying life event (QLE), documentation is needed to prove the date of the QLE. Proof documents are official documents directly related to the event.

HR Fast Facts: Can Employees Enroll a Dependent Without an SSN on Their Insurance?

Here's how employees can add their newborn to their insurance without a SSN.

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