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Automating Your Open Enrollment Workflow

If you’re tired of tackling paperwork and answering the endless employee questions that come with open enrollment, consider automating your process.

What Are the 4 Major Types of Employee Benefits?

Your benefits package is key to hiring and keeping top employees. Here are 4 benefits you don’t want to miss.

How Do I Offer Health Insurance to My Employees?

Providing healthcare attracts new workers and is a retention tool for your current staff. Here’s how to best provide health insurance as an employer.

Benefits Software for Small Businesses: 5 Key Features

It’s crucial to find benefits software that caters to your specific small business needs — but make sure to consider these general features.

What Is the ACA, and What Are the Alternatives?

For those who do not qualify for coverage through the Affordable Care Act, we explore alternative coverage options

Helping Your Employees Pick the Best Healthcare Benefits

Your employees may not know how to choose the best benefits for their needs. Here’s how to improve the process for them.

A Guide to Open Enrollment: How Does It Work?

If you’re an employer who’s new to open enrollment, here’s a primer for you.

Tools to Run a Smooth Open Enrollment

Open enrollment 2022-2023 is here. Use this guide to help you have a successful enrollment process for your staff this year.

Why Your Employees May Be Unhappy About Health Benefits Plans

You don’t want your workers making the wrong choices for their health plans. Here’s how to help your employees find the right coverage and improve their wellbeing.

Why Your Business Should Have Online Open Enrollment

Business owners: Say goodbye to open enrollment being an expensive time drain.

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