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Oregon Tightens Requirements for Non-Compete Agreements

Oregon businesses will need to adjust their non-compete agreements as new laws go into effect in the new year.

Oregon Passes CROWN Act to Ban Discrimination Based on Hairstyles

Oregon is the 12th state to pass the CROWN Act, which bans discrimination based on physical characteristics historically associated with race — such as hair texture and protective hairstyles.

Wage Garnishment: What Employers Need to Know Under the CARES Act

The CARES Act suspended wage garnishments in some instances, most notably in federally-backed student loans. But some workers are still getting their wages docked.

SBA Coronavirus Relief Loan Application Open in Oregon

The SBA approved statewide eligibility for coronavirus relief loans for impacted small businesses in Oregon.

Applications for SBA Coronavirus Relief Loans Open in Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

The SBA made more states and counties eligible for local small businesses to apply for coronavirus relief loans.

Coronavirus Relief Loans: Small Business Applications open in 5 States

The SBA named first set of states and counties where small businesses are eligible to for coronavirus relief loans.

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