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How to Implement Summer Fridays

In general, Summer Fridays are a flexible scheduling approach that can take the form of letting people leave early on Fridays or even giving them the whole day off to compete with perks at larger companies.

Employee Appreciation for Seasonal Employees

Here’s how and why to show temporary employees that you appreciate them — and lay the groundwork for them to return.

How to Combat Summer Slump

Since the stiffness of regular life is usually what people are trying to shed during the summer slump, letting the office be a little more casual during the warmer months can help.

Surprising 2022 Workplace Perks Gen Z Wants

Surveys show that these are the perks that companies can offer to recruit and retain Generation Z employees.

Ways to Offer Special Perks for Employees on Fridays

Consider these easy ways to help retain employees by boosting morale on Fridays.

In Today’s Competitive Market, Are Annual Pay Raises Too Little, Too Late?

Use these simple methods to retain employees, even if your budget is tight.

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