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How to Tell if Permanent Work From Home Is Right for Your Company

Although remote work is now the new norm, both employers and employees often have strong opinions for or against it.

Employee Perks: Which Will Stay or Go After COVID?

As the pandemic continues, businesses must prioritize which perks they will continue to offer employees.

2021 Business Tax Preparation

Tax season is almost here and COVID-19 has changed some of the rules for SMBs.

Help Your Employees Avoid Work-From-Home Distractions

Here are 8 common work-from-home distractions and how employees can avoid them.

5 Compliance Tips for Small Businesses for 2021

Remote work can make compliance more complicated. If you have employees working from home, here are compliance areas to consider in 2021.

5 Fresh Remote Team Building Activities for Your 2022 Workforce

Use these remote team building activities to boost morale and build relationships between coworkers who can’t make in-person connections.

How a VPN Can Help Small Businesses Boost Productivity

If you want to ensure your employees can securely work remotely, consider implementing a VPN.

Critical HR, Benefits, and Payroll Compliance Information for 2021

Remote work is here to stay. Paid leave programs are expanding. Healthcare costs are rising. Here's a rundown of next year’s biggest HR trends.

2021 Employee Perks to Consider

The pandemic has created a demand for certain employee perks. As an employer, here are some ideas for your company’s 2021 perks offerings.

What is Zoom Fatigue? How to Ease Virtual Workplace Burnout

Recognize symptoms of Zoom fatigue, and learn how to combat them. Don’t let video meetings burn out you and your employees.

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