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5 Ways You Can Inspire Employee Innovation in the Workplace

An organization in today’s market can only stay relevant if it inspires innovation and creativity in the workplace. How well does your organization align with this approach?

The Future of the Tech Industry: Practices and Culture

The tech industry saw a significant economic shift in 2022. What does that mean for possible trends in 2023 for your business? Find out here.

Can an Employer Ask for Proof of a Family Emergency?

Employers can ask for proof of a family emergency, but they can’t ask for medical documentation or other sensitive information.

How to Retain Millennial and Gen Z Employees

A new era of workplace requirements has taken the labor force by storm. See how your business can appeal to Millennial and Gen Z talent to keep them with your organization for years to come.

How to Convert Your Business Into a Co-Op

When it’s time to end a business, selling isn’t the only option. Turning your company into a co-op is always a viable option — here’s how to do it.

8 Signs It’s Time to Overhaul Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a costly process, so it's important to make the best hiring decision possible. Here are 8 ways to tell if you should revamp your recruiting process.

Why Employers Should Lead the Way in Women’s Rights

The professional progression of women based on their outstanding performances can be linked to lower turnover rates and higher inclusivity of gender diversity.

Who Are Middle Managers and Why Are They Important?

Middle managers have become even more important as remote work increases. Read on to learn about what they do, the challenges they face, and how to help them succeed.

What Is Labor Hoarding — and How Can It Help Your Business?

If you’ve never heard of or considered labor hoarding in the past, it might be a trend worth considering.

HR in 2023: Trends to Watch For

Read about upcoming forecasted trends and innovations in human resources for the year ahead.

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