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Do You Really Need Employees to Return to the Office?

Would it benefit your company to make employees return to work? Do employees want to return to the office? Learn more about what to consider.

How to Balance Fun and Productivity in the Workplace

Happy people are more productive, and fun is a key component of happiness.

How to Balance Benefits Among Employees Who Are Parents and Those Who Aren’t

It's harder to complain about who your company's benefits do, and don't actually benefit if they're balanced, different, and customized by each worker.

Why Employees Hate Hot-Desking and How You Can Fix It

Hot-desking is sharing on-site workspaces for employees who work remotely but occasionally need to come to the office.

Download These Free Face Mask (Optional or Required) Signs for Your Business

Whether your business is requiring face masks, or making them optional, we've got free and downloadable signs for you.

What to Do When a Remote-Working Employee Moves to a Location With a Lower Cost of Living

Be sure that you’re not making any short-sighted decisions that will hurt your business in the long run. Every savvy business owner knows that hiring and training a new worker costs more than it does to hold onto an existing one.

Omicron Variant’s Impact on Reopening Plans

The latest COVID-19 wave has caused unplanned closures and delayed reopenings for small businesses across the country.

Predictions for How COVID-19 Will Affect SMBs in 2022

Here are our predictions on how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect businesses this year — along with what we think companies should focus on to be successful.

Team Building Ideas: 19 Ways to Boost Relationships and Skills

These team building ideas will tap into creative thinking and foster collaboration with in-person and virtual groups.

Lead Your Return-to-Workplace Strategy With People Operations

If you’re preparing your company’s return to the workplace, here’s why leading with a People Operations approach will benefit your workforce and business.

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