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Returning to the Office in 2022? A Month-by-Month Guide to Get Your Employees Back to the Office

Companies large and small are planning a full return to office in 2022. Here’s a month-by-month checklist to get your company ready.

What to Do About Employees Who Moved During the Pandemic

If you had employees who moved away during the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s how to approach salaries, tax implications, and more.

Can My Employer Check My Temperature?

Temperature checks can help determine if an employee is sick and may be at risk of having the coronavirus. Here's what employers need to know before requiring them.

Return to Work: Creating a Pet Policy for the Office

Because of sheltering-in-place, many people took the opportunity to adopt pets. But as companies begin to recall employees back into the office, some are wondering if they can bring their furry friends, too.

IRS Announces Enhanced Child Care Tax Credits for 2021

The enhanced credit is a part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, and it increases the existing tax benefit eligible families can receive.

Advice From Small Businesses Who Have Returned to Workplaces

Hear from small business owners around the country on what the return to their workplace has been like — and what they would’ve done differently.

Employee Poster Laws for Small Businesses

Are you displaying and updating the right employee posters at your business?

HR Headaches: Mentally Preparing Employees to Return to Workplaces

Here’s how to address employees’ top concerns when it comes to returning to offices post-COVID-19.

Free, Downloadable Vaccine and Face Mask Optional Signs for Small Businesses

Need to replace your old COVID-19 face mask and social distancing signs? Here are some options whether you are requiring face masks for vaccinated employees or customers, or if it's optional. Stay safe!

Can Small Businesses Require COVID Vaccines in the Workplace?

Can employers require the COVID-19 vaccine for employees? Find out if you can legally require employees to get vaccinated.

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