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Navigate the world of benefits, including medical insurance, retirement planning, and paid leave

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Does Offering a Wellness Stipend Really Incentivize Potential Employees?

Wellness programs can be personalized to fit the needs of the company and the individual employees. The choices are vast and can be coupled with other services to boost the wellness of the employees.

Notable Compliance Requirements for Employers in 2023

Here are changes in state and federal laws that employers will see in 2023.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

A staggering number of employers are planning to include LSAs in their benefits offerings. Find out if they’re right for your business.

Helping Employees Understand Health Insurance Costs

Helping your staff to understand medical insurance costs is an easy way to show you care without changing your employee benefits package.

Focus on Total Well-being in 2023

In 2023, companies are pivoting to a focus on total employee well-being. Here’s how to integrate it into your company’s benefit offerings.

HR Fast Facts: How Do I Renew My Company’s FSA Plan?

In order to continue offering employees Flexible Spending Accounts, HR administrators generally must renew their FSA plan near the end of their plan year.

HR Fast Facts: Health Insurance Rate Structures

Health insurance premiums are assigned based on an employee's family type and gender. Here are some related acronyms you should know.

HR Fast Facts: Getting Started With Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

If your group offers a Health Savings Account eligible plan, you can sign up for an HSA through a benefits administration platform.

HR Fast Facts: How Do Employees Correct the Information on Their Health Insurance Card?

If an employee's health insurance card has incorrect information, they can contact their broker to have a new card ordered.

HR Fast Facts: What Is the Difference Between Deduction Adjustments and Reimbursements for Benefits?

When an over-deduction for benefits occurs, it can be resolved using either a deduction adjustment or a one-time reimbursement, depending on the situation.

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