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HR Fast Facts: Register for Colorado Electronic Funds Transfer Credit ID

Colorado requires employers to register for an Electronic Funds Transfer Credit ID in order to electronically deposit payroll taxes.

HR Fast Facts: What are the Tax Advantages of Offering FSAs to your Employees?

Employees' taxable income is reduced by their FSA contributions, so employers pay less in Medicare and Social Security taxes (together, FICA taxes). Higher enrollment rates mean more savings for the employer.

HR Fast Facts: How Can I Order New Insurance ID cards?

To reorder an insurance card, you'll need to contact your insurance carrier directly. 

HR Fast Facts: What Dependent Information do I Need to Provide During Open Enrollment?

You will need to confirm the name, legal gender, dependent type, birthdate, and zip code of your dependents.

HR Fast Facts: Does my LPFSA Contribution Limit Reset if I Join Another Company?

Yes! Your contribution limits (and LPFSA) are tied to your employer's plan.

HR Fast Facts: What are the Eligibility Requirements for an HSA?

Eligibility requirements for an HSA? Individuals must meet all of the following IRS-defined criteria in order to be eligible for opening and contributing to an HSA.

HR Fast Facts: Can I Claim the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Using my Child & Elderly Care FSA Expenses?

Employees who sign up for a Child & Elderly Care FSA can use those expenses to claim the child and dependent care tax credit for eligible expenses.

HR Fast Facts: Monthly Deductions Amounts for Insurance Coverage

Total monthly deduction amounts are determined by the contributions made by employees towards the cost of health insurance benefits.

HR Fast Facts: What Happens to my LPFSA Funds When My Plan Ends?

What happens to your funds depends on the “end type” of your company’s LPFSA plan. Regardless of your plan’s end type, you’ll have a 90-day runout period after your LPFSA ends, which allows you to submit claims for any expenses you incurred during your LPFSA plan period.

HR Fast Facts: Patient Protections for Emergency Coverage Under ACA

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health plans must offer regulated coverage for emergency services.

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