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HR Fast Facts: What Happens to an Employee’s FSA Funds When Their Plan Ends?

What happens to an employee's flexible spending account funds depends on the “end type” of their company’s FSA plan.

HR Fast Facts: What Are Eligible Child & Elderly Care FSA Expenses?

Learn about eligible and ineligible dependent care FSA expenses here.

HR Fast Facts: FAQs About Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Coverage

Both short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) have specific nuances that apply to them. See additional details to understand the differences of short-term disability and long-term disability.

HR Fast Facts: What Are Eligible Dependents?

For a dependent to be eligible, they need to be claimed as such by the employee for tax purposes, reside in the U.S., and have a valid Social Security Number or equivalent.

HR Fast Facts: Why Must Employees Provide a Reason for Waiving Medical Coverage?

If an employee needs to waive medical coverage, find out how it can impact your company.

HR Fast Facts: Do Employees Need an SSN to Enroll in Health Insurance Coverage?

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) — or Individual Tax ID Numbers (ITINs) — are required for employees enrolling in group health coverage through their company.

HR Fast Facts: When Can Employees Cancel Their Health Insurance Coverage?

There are valid reasons for employees to cancel their health insurance coverage outside of open enrollment. Find out what they are here.

HR Fast Facts: When Can Employees Enroll in Their Company’s FSA Plan?

If employees want to enroll in a flexible spending account, there are some FSA enrollment rules they need to follow.

HR Fast Facts: What Is a Plan Administrator?

A plan administrator is the person or company an employer chooses to manage its health insurance plan(s). Learn more about them here.

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