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HR Fast Facts: What Does a Pre-Tax Medical Premium Mean on a Pay Stub?

Employees can get their health insurance premiums deducted from their paycheck before income taxes or payroll taxes are withheld and then paid to their health insurance carrier.

HR Fast Facts: What Is Retroactive Coverage?

Can health insurance be retroactive? Find out here.

HR Fast Facts: What are Composite Rates?

What is a composite rate for health insurance? Find out here.

HR Fast Facts: What Are the Limits on Employer Contributions to Health Care FSAs?

Learn about limits to employer Health Care FSA contributions.

HR Fast Facts: When Will Employees Receive Health Insurance Cards?

Your employees may be wondering how long it takes to get their insurance card. Here are some tips you can share with them.

HR Fast Facts: Imputed Income for Group-Term Life Insurance

Imputed income are benefits employees receive that are not part of their salary or wages, but are still taxed as part of their income.

HR Fast Facts: How Do Employees Find Their Member ID for Health Insurance?

If an employee has lost or hasn't received their insurance card, they can contact their insurance carrier to find their Member ID.

HR Fast Facts: What Is Dual Coverage for Health Insurance?

Some employees will have 2 different insurance plans at the same time — which means they have dual coverage.

HR Fast Facts: Why Do Employees Need to Provide Proof of a Qualifying Live Event?

When enrolling in insurance coverage due to a qualifying life event (QLE), documentation is needed to prove the date of the QLE. Proof documents are official documents directly related to the event.

HR Fast Facts: What Is an Allowable Amount for Insurance Claims?

If you're wondering what an allowable amount definition is for health insurance, find out here.

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