Best Websites to Find Job Candidates: The Ultimate List for Hiring Managers

Have a job opening? Here are the best websites to hire employees for hiring managers and recruiters.

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Are Internal Hires a Company's Best Move for Open Positions?

Job openings aren’t as easy to fill as they used to be. There’s a lot more to attracting top talent than slapping a job description in the paper or online ad for small business owners and hiring managers.

But with 60% of candidates scouring the job boards, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of using online tools to find your next employee. Of course, the last thing a hiring manager wants is to get bogged down with dozens of websites and apps for a single job posting.

The good news is, you don’t need to be on every job board to find qualified candidates.

11 best websites to hire employees

Let’s be real: There are a LOT of recruiting websites out there. It can be hard to know where your job post will be seen, and if the right candidates will notice it.

That’s why we sifted through the various sites out there. And we’ve listed them based on different hiring needs.

1. Best for local and small businesses

There’s a good reason that Indeed is one of the most popular job posting sites out there. Unlike other posting sites, Indeed is free for job listings. However, it’s often worth it to pay for sponsored job posts for exposure. Sponsored posts start at $0.10 per click up to $5 per post. The best part? Indeed also integrates with several major ATS platforms.

2. Best for ongoing hiring

If you have a positive presence on Glassdoor, this job posting site can be ideal for attracting a qualified candidate. While it’s known as an employer review site, Glassdoor also offers a job board for hiring managers and recruiters. After their 7-day free trial, access to this board costs $199 to $699 per month. But you can further reduce the cost of each job post based on a sliding scale and volume.

3. Best for finding specialists

75% of people looking for a career change use LinkedIn to evaluate potential employers and apply for jobs.

LinkedIn is far more than a social media site for business. In fact, 75% of people looking for a career change use LinkedIn to evaluate potential employers and apply for jobs. For hiring managers and recruiters, there are 2 ways to use LinkedIn:

  • Company page: This option allows companies to post 2 job listings for free through their company page. You can also choose to promote the job opening through their “Ads” program, but it isn’t required.
  • LinkedIn recruiter and recruiter lite: Individual hiring managers can upgrade their profile to Recruiter Lite at $140/month for additional features and enhanced candidate searching. Job listings aren’t included, but you use job ads if you have a budget. This approach lets you set your own budget for each job listing.

Okay, great, but does LinkedIn work? So far, yes. About 3 professionals are hired from LinkedIn every minute.

4. Best for startups

For startups or companies that need new hires after a successful funding round, AngelList might be the place to be. Unlike the other options on this list, AngelList is free to use for hiring managers. And while this platform doesn’t come with as nearly bells and whistles as other job boards, this posting site is a great way to find a qualified candidate for highly-skilled positions.

5. Best for healthcare

Vivian, formerly known as NurseFly, is a healthcare-centered platform that claims to help health organizations fill positions 60% faster. Given that the industry has its own set of challenges, including a shortage of qualified candidates, Vivian is geared to help employers and healthcare professionals find the right fit.

Pricing depends on your specific needs and scale. However, you are guaranteed to have a laser-focused approach to hiring your ideal employee.

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6. Best for business leaders

Ladders is a recruiting platform focused on finding high-end, highly skilled professionals. They boast of over 80% of candidates having bachelor’s degrees, with many having additional degrees or over a decade of experience.

Similar to other websites, Ladders uses a subscription model. But before committing, you can try out the platform for free and post 10 job listings. The next tier up is $150 per month and full access requires a $499 per month investment.

7. Best for designers

Developed by Adobe, Behance is a design portfolio website. Unlike competitor websites like Dribbble, Behance centers on showing the design development process and the finished product.

While the talent pool is spectacular, it comes at a cost. Unlimited job posting for a month is priced at $1,499.

8. Best for developers

Dice boasts of maintaining a database with 4.7 million confirmed tech professionals. For sourcing a new hire with a very specific skillset, this is the place to be. Similar to other niche marketplaces, the cost can be a bit high to post a job. A single post is $495. However, the more posts you buy, the biggest discount you get. So, if possible, try to hire in batches.

Dice boasts of maintaining a database with 4.7 million confirmed tech professionals. For sourcing a new hire with a very specific skillset, this is the place to be.

9. Best for remote workers

Finding remote workers is a tricky business. While simply connecting on LinkedIn may be your best bet to find an independent contractor, there are other options, too.

For remote work or freelance job boards, there’s a tie between SearchRemotely and Hire My Mom. Both offer access to professionals working from home. But while SearchRemotely focuses on international freelancers, Hire My Mom works with professionals in the United States.

Both require payment to post a job listing. A single listing on SearchRemotely goes for $69, but $129 per month will get you unlimited listings. Hire My Mom has several package options, starting from a single ad for $67, all the way to a full-service concierge offer for $995.

Online job posting checklist

So, once you’ve decided on a site, what do you need to get started? Here are a few items you’ll want to have prepared before you make your first job listing:

  • A clear and easy to read job description
  • Salary range, perks, and benefits
  • Expected work hours
  • Essential qualifications
  • Honest expectations for the role
  • A process for qualifying candidates
  • A budget for potential job listing advertisements

And after you’ve made your hire?

Strategic use of industry or hire-specific job boards can streamline your process. But for HR professionals, hiring is just the beginning.

Don’t let the onboarding process get lost in the shuffle. Check out this checklist to flesh out your hire-to-ideal-employee pipeline.

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