20 of the Best Work-Life Balance Jobs

Looking for the best work-life balance jobs available today? Check out our list of 20 jobs that offer plenty of flexibility.

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work life balance jobs

People often toss around the term work-life balance without fully understanding what it means or that it looks different for everyone. Generally speaking, work-life balance refers to the idea that people who have time to pursue fulfilling personal lives away from work are more engaged and productive on the job. The result is a workplace culture with less absenteeism and employee turnover and greater morale and productivity. Both employers and employees win with great work-life balance.

Make or break issues

Encouraging employees to have a rich personal life while also receiving their best performance is a hot issue for most employers. The simplest way to become an employer with a high work-life balance rating is to request employee feedback. Here are some typical examples of things employers can do to promote the best work-life balance:

  • Offer a flexible schedule or telecommuting whenever possible
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by offering discounts on things like gym memberships and smoking cessation programs
  • Allow flexible paid time off and require employees to take all the vacation time they have earned each year

These are just 3 initiatives that can help employees become happier and more productive at work. Here are some brief descriptions of the 20 best work-life balance jobs available today. (The salary figures come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), payscale.com, salary.com, and glassdoor.com.)

Generally speaking, work-life balance refers to the idea that people who have time to pursue fulfilling personal lives away from work are more engaged and productive on the job.

Content manager

People who work in this position write, proofread, and edit content for client websites. Content managers are often self employed and seek their own clients, offering them maximum flexibility.

Annual median salary (according to the BLS): $67,120.

Corporate recruiter

This job entails creating and managing job postings for the employer and making initial contact with job seekers. Since most people looking for a job already have one, recruiters often work evening and weekend hours that may work better with balancing their own responsibilities.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $63,190.

Data scientist

Data scientists research and create innovative designs to apply to current and future computer programs. Many people in this position work remotely from home.

Annual salary (according to Payscale): $98,230.

Dental hygienist

Primary duties of a dental hygienist include inspecting each patient’s teeth and gums for oral disease, removing plaque and tartar from teeth, and polishing their teeth.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $77,090.

Fitness instructor

Fitness teachers often work evenings and weekends when people who work standard hours are available to take their classes. They can typically choose which classes they want to teach.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $40,150.

Laboratory technicians

Lab techs work in hospitals, medical clinics, and for private employers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The employers’ need to always have someone in this position offers excellent flexibility for those who need it.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $54,180.

Library assistant

Library assistants order and organize materials, manage databases, and complete other tasks as assigned. Libraries are open for long hours, including some evenings and weekends. This can be ideal for people needing flexible work.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $28,929.

Mobile developer

People in this role develop new programs for mobile devices. They also identify and fix software bugs. Mobile developers work with clients all over the world and can arrange their own working hours around client availability.

Annual salary (according to Salary.com): $97,445.

Online tax advisor

People in this job work from home answering questions that people have about filing federal and state tax returns. They are in high demand during the tax season from January 1 to April 15 and typically work part-time the rest of the year.

Annual salary (according to Glassdoor): $51,118.

Real estate agent

Agents are typically self-employed and set their own hours and income goals. Their earnings vary depending on how much they work, but the average real estate agent has an annual salary of $51,220, according to the BLS.

Scrum master

These computer software managers lead teams from project inception to completion. With the number of online project management tools online, scrum masters can work partly or entirely from home.

Annual salary (according to Payscale): $93,285.

SEO manager

Companies hire search engine optimization (SEO) managers to ensure their website gets the traffic it needs to remain profitable. Many SEO managers work from home or have their own business.

Annual salary (according to Salary.com): $83,737.

Social media manager

People in this position or related job titles develop and implement a social media strategy for clients. Since they can post at any time, they often work from home around other obligations.

Annual salary (according to Payscale): $55,199.

Strategy manager

Also known as management analysts, people in this role split their time between a traditional or home office and client locations. Their job is to observe how the client’s company operates and make suggestions for improvement.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $87,600.

Substitute teacher

These teachers can work as much or as little as they would like and have varied salaries because of that. The current median rate is $29,501 annually, according to Payscale.

Technical account manager

IT professionals offer technical support to clients and their customers, and managers oversee their work. This job offers flexibility because people from all over the world need 24-hour technical support.

Annual salary (according to Payscale): $86,161.

Technical editor

Technical editors prepare user manuals and other instructional materials for publication by editing content for clarity. Freelancers have great possibilities for flexibility and work-life balance.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $74,650.

Tour guide

People who love history, meeting others, and being outdoors can make a full-time or part-time career out of being a local tour guide. Those who work full-time make an average of $30,000 to $45,000 a year before tips (according to the BLS), which can be $60 a shift or more.

UX designers

Someone working as a UX designer creates and maintains various aspects of a website, including interface layout and page functioning. They are often self-employed.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $77,200.

Web designer

Web designers create the look and feel of a website by designing graphics, choosing colors and fonts, and directing information flow. Like UX designers, many enjoy maximum flexibility because they are self-employed.

Annual salary (according to the BLS): $57,470.

Do your employees struggle with work-life balance?

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