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Stay up to date on the coronavirus and what SMBs and HR pros need to know

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How to Support Employees With Long or Medium COVID

Follow these tips for offering flexibility to workers with long and medium COVID.

Ways to Accommodate Immunocompromised Workers as You Reopen Your Workplace

Learn how to protect your business and workers at risk for COVID-19 when planning the return to your workplace.

Return-to-the-Office Memo Examples for Remote and Hybrid Employees

Here's how to ensure your organization's return to your workplace is smooth sailing.

The Pandemic and Substance Abuse: Are Your Employees in Trouble?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a dramatic increase in substance and alcohol abuse disorders (SUD and AUD) — and many workers are still struggling with them.

Do You Really Need Employees to Return to the Office?

Would it benefit your company to make employees return to work? Do employees want to return to the office? Learn more about what to consider.

90% of Americans Can Go Maskless Indoors, According to Newest CDC Guidance

Healthy Americans are safe to go maskless in places where transmission and hospitalizations are low.

Download These Free Face Mask (Optional or Required) Signs for Your Business

Whether your business is requiring face masks, or making them optional, we've got free and downloadable signs for you.

Quick Team Building Activities for Conference Calls

Team building activities for conference calls help workers who never see each other in person build important personal connections.

Omicron Variant’s Impact on Reopening Plans

The latest COVID-19 wave has caused unplanned closures and delayed reopenings for small businesses across the country.

Can Workers File a Lawsuit if They Get COVID-19 on the Job?

Employers may be at risk for lawsuits from employees who contract COVID-19 at work.


Which U.S. States Are Reopening? The Complete List of Open and Closed States

Federal guidelines for reopening the country have left the decision to state governors. State, county, and city leaders are taking different approaches when it comes to reopening and lifting lockdowns. Here's what you need to know.

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