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Using a Payroll Register: Why It’s Vital to Your Business

With a well maintained payroll register, employers support the payroll process while preempting costly mistakes. Here's how and why to use one.

Payroll Tax vs. Income Tax: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

Understanding the nuances in payroll tax vs. income tax is important for employers and employees alike. Here's a basic overview to clarify.

Payroll Administration: What It Is and Why It Matters

Payroll administration is a critical facet of business. Here's how accuracy, efficiency and reliability in the process benefits a company and its workforce.

Payroll Form Savvy for Compliance and More

Proper payroll management is critical, and it requires knowing your way around a payroll form. Here's the scoop on what to use when and how.

Payroll Costs: An Overview of Total Expenses

Payroll costs are all the expenses involved in labor compensation and employers' tax, administration, and other obligations. Here's the scoop.

The Benefits of Parental Leave to Employees and Families

The benefits of parental leave extend past temporary time off work. Family bonding, job protection, and work-life balance all add value for new parents.

What Is Parental Leave?

It may be new or confusing to some, but what is parental leave, exactly? Who can take it, for how long, and how does it benefit employees and companies?

What Are Employee Benefits and Why Do They Matter?

What are employee benefits, and how can you leverage them to entice job seekers, motivate employees and retain top talent?

Make Your Return From Paternal Leave Work for You

For many new dads, return from paternal leave back to the job can be a difficult and stressful experience. Here's how to handle the transition.

Sick Leave Email: How to Write One Properly

Sick leave emails might become part of your employee record, so use these tips and examples to write yours properly.