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How to Evaluate Your Compensation Plan

The right compensation package is key to attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce.

20 Best Countries to Work In

Think you work in the best country in the world? Think again, as we reveal which country is really the best to work in (Hint: the U.S. doesn't make the cut!).

What Potential SCOTUS Ruling on Overtime Pay for Worker Who Earned $200K Could Mean for Your Business

Generally, a company does not have to pay overtime rates to a white-collar worker who is an executive, administrative, or professional.

What Is the Portal-to-Portal Act?

Determining compensable work time under the Portal-to-Portal Act is not always clear-cut.

How Much Should Organizations Raise Wages to Combat Inflation?

Most companies realize the need to give employees a raise, but how much is enough? Where do organizations draw the line? Learn more here.

Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Your Hourly Employees

When a productive hourly worker becomes disengaged or suddenly quits, it can adversely impact your business. Discover ways to hang on to your top employees.

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