COVID-19 Printable Social Distancing and Facemask Signs for Restaurants

Need COVID-19 printable signs for your restaurant? We put together a fun collection of signs to help guide your patrons towards a safe dining experience.

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It can be challenging to assist your hungry customers in following dining protocols during the pandemic. Whether they are coming in and not maintaining 6 feet social distance, forgetting to wear their facemask when entering, etc, it is important to remind your customers of some simple safety measures.

Top COVID-19 safety tips for Restaurant Customers 

  1. Stay 6 ft away from others
  2. Wear mask while waiting for tables
  3. Wear masks while waiting for hostess
  4. Wear mask when getting up to use restroom
  5. Do not visit other tables
  6. Do not wait at bar area
  7. Stand back and let others pass from a safe distance
  8. Do not wait for a bathroom stall
  9. If you must remove your mask, do it safely
  10. Wash your hands!

Printable Signs for your restaurant

Some are funny, gentle reminders on Coronavirus safety protocol, and some are serious and to the point. Whichever you choose, we hope these printable signs for your restaurant are useful. Click each one to open (or download) a full page version (PDF) you can print. Stay safe! – Your friends at Zenefits

funny wash your hands printable sign  limit of 10 people printable sign

stay 6 ft apart funny restaurant sign pizza. wear a mask while in restaurant sign

wear your mask funny restaurant printable sign  no-shirt-no-mask-no-service

spread butter not covid   how to remove a mask sign

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