The Daily Rundown: Disrupting the Workplace with…Smoothies?

Today, smoothies in the workplace, men struggle with paternity leave and co-workers unite on Facebook. 


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The Daily Rundown

Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Each day, we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce.

Today, smoothies in the workplace, men struggle with paternity leave and co-workers unite on Facebook. 

Are Smoothies the Next Big Perk?

Summer fridays? Nap rooms? What’s the next work perk trend?

If a startup in Boston is onto the next wave, it’s smoothie-making stations for the workplace. The concept behind Smoodi is that employer’s can boost employee satisfaction with free smoothies.

The Number: $500. The initial pricing for one of Smoodi’s stations would be $500 per month plus $3 per serving.

The Quote: “Our products are typically designed to function 24/7 and last for years.

As Paternity Leave Rises, Men Hesitate to Take It 

Even as more employers offer paternity leave, many new dads are hesitant to make use of the benefit. Many report feeling guilty or worrying it will mean less career growth.

The Number: 29%. Twenty-nine percent of employers offered paid paternity leave in 2018.

The Quote: “I said, ‘Look, I know I am setting a bad example. I would encourage you to take more time.’ If we have another child, I do plan on taking more time.”

Workers Stay Connected on Facebook

According to a report, 87% of workers say they stay connected with co-workers on Facebook. That’s twice as much as the next most cited social media site.

The Number: 42%. Linkedin and Instagram are tied for the social media sites co-workers most connect on at 42% each.

The Quote:Providing a space where employees can interact and socialized within your own digital workplace can improve morale and ensure a more structured and productive platform than the ones employees use in their personal lives.

Studying Retention

If you’re struggling with employee retention, it might be time to hit the books. Turns out there are three academic models you can learn from.


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