The Daily Rundown: Do It For the Kids

The Capitol wants to shelter lemonade stands, Rhode Island hits the bottom of the list, a business owner license horror story and a California city’s controversy on minimum wage.


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The Daily Rundown

Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Each day, we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce.

Today, the Capitol wants to shelter lemonade stands, Rhode Island hits the bottom of the list, a business owner tells her license horror story and a California city in controversy over minimum wage.

D.C. Wants to Protect Lemonade Stands

Nothing says summer like a lemonade stand. The only problem? The majority of lemonade stands are illegal operations.

Washington D.C. is seeking to change that in the district with new legislation. The law, if passed, would make running a lemonade stand legal, so long as it’s only in operation for 100 days or less.

The Number: 16. Operating an unlicensed lemonade stand is only legal in 16 out of 50 states.

The Quote: Examples of harassment of minors for engaging in entrepreneurial activities such as running a lemonade stand or selling water have become far too common.

What’s the Worst State for Business? Rhode Island

CNBC released its best and worst states for business. Rhode Island ended up at the bottom of the pile — again. The media outlet cited a sluggish economy, poor state finances, tough regulations and infrastructure issues as reasons for the poor ranking.

The Number: $4.9 billion. The state is counting on $4.9 billion in tolls on tractor trailer trucks to fund infrastructure improvements.

The Quote: “We have stopped the decline, and together we have ignited a comeback of this great state and our economy.”

Revoked License Drives Small Business Owner to the Edge

In a case of unintended consequences run amok, a Florida small business owner has suffered because her driver’s license was revoked by the state. Her name didn’t match records due to mix-ups regarding paperwork because she was adopted. The business owner had to sell her home to move closer to her business as a result.

The Number: 2 million. Florida has revoked nearly 2 million driver’s licenses, many for reasons having nothing to do with driving records.

The Quote:I called every congress person in this area.

Small Businesses in California City Seek Minimum Wage Relief

In Emeryville, Calif., small business owners are asking for a break from a minimum wage that’s higher than even nearby San Francisco.

The Number: $16.30. As of July 1, the minimum wage in Emeryville reached $16.30 per hour for all businesses with 55 or more employees.

The Quote:We like to have a certain number of minimum wage. But going beyond $16 an hour, I think that’s going to hurt a lot of small businesses.


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