Building an Employee Engagement Survey

Companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors. Discover sample questions and categories to help you build a customized employee engagement survey for your company.

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When it comes to retaining your top performers, staying in close touch with workplace feedback makes all the difference. Key to collecting this input is running an employee engagement survey.

Employers who make an effort to collect and encourage employee feedback outperform those that don’t — by as much as 21% according to Gallup. The second most important element in building a productive culture of feedback? Ensuring that you do so regularly. Your company culture is a living, breathing organism, and chances are that your people’s needs at the beginning of the year are not the same at the end of the year.

If this sounds like a lot of work and like something that will only yield unmeasurable deliverables, think again! Creating a survey that speaks to your company’s culture and goals can be very simple. To help get you started, we’ve built a completely customizable employee engagement survey template that will allow you to collect feedback on critical workplace categories such as managers, development opportunities, individual roles and more.

Surveys help measure performance, collect feedback, and decipher areas of improvement so you can retain your great team. Below, find a sneak peek of the categories and questions you can ask your team and start moving the needle on enhancing employee engagement at your company.

Sample Engagement Survey Categories and Questions

Overall Experience

  • I would recommend {Company Name} as a great place to work.

Company Confidence

  • {Company Name} effectively directs resources (funding, people, and effort) towards company goals.

Company Leaders

  • The senior leaders at {Company Name} demonstrate that people are important to the company’s success.

Your Manager

  • {Team Manager Name} has shown a genuine interest in my career aspirations.

People & Teams

  • We hold ourselves and our team members accountable for results.

Your Role

  • I know what I need to do to be successful in my role.

Company Culture

  • We acknowledge people who deliver outstanding service here.

Growth & Development

  • I have access to the learning and development I need to do my job well.

Free Response Feedback*

  • Are there some things we are doing great here?

*Including an area for free response allows your employees to flesh out details on things they’re loving and areas of opportunity that need attention. Offering room here allows your team the opportunity to surface issues that they may not have been able to share before. Finally, ensure to your team that all responses are anonymous (we recommend using CultureAmp) and will only be tied to demographical information such as gender, department, and tenure. When your team feels secure in delivering responses without repercussion, the likelihood for transparent, honest feedback is significantly higher.

Don’t waste another moment wondering how your team is doing – download the customizable employee engagement survey template to get started today. 

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