3 Employee Evaluation Examples

An employee evaluation is a powerful tool for improving performance of the workplace. Use these examples to help guide your process.

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Conducting employee evaluations can be a daunting task for even the most experienced managers. Delivering necessary–and sometimes difficult–feedback, while maintaining a good rapport with your employees can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.  

A good practice is to start the conversation with positive feedback about the employee’s performance before moving on to the areas where improvement is needed.

Finally, close the evaluation by again reinforcing something that is going well. Establishing a positive tone at the outset makes it easier to navigate tougher subjects. Particularly sensitive employees are less likely to react defensively when the message is delivered in this fashion.

Here are some employee evaluation examples for a range of performance issues and levels.

A stellar performer

Theresa is a top performer in sales. Always striving to under-promise and over-deliver, she leaves customers feeling as though they are important. Theresa arrives on time, is prepared, and always begins the day with a smile. She’s detail oriented and self-motivated. Theresa shows willingness to lend a hand to fellow employees whenever there is a need, and she does so in an encouraging manner. Theresa is consistent in striving for her goals and continuing to better her performance.

A so-so employee

Tom meets company standards for his role as a cashier. Customers seem to enjoy their interactions with Tom, and he does well in delivering a positive customer experience. Tom is often willing to help fill in for absent employees or take on extra workloads when necessary.

Though Tom desires to help others and has a positive attitude, he tends to lose track of tasks assigned to him and struggles with time management. Tom is often late arriving for his shifts and has forgotten important daily tasks on several occasions. Tom would be an excellent candidate for a shift management position in the future if he is willing to work on these things.

A struggling worker

Candice seems to enjoy a challenge and often asks for more to do. When she finds a task particularly engaging, Cadice delivers excellent work. Unfortunately, Candice seems to struggle with consistency. Some completes some projects accurately and quickly, while others have been forgotten or needed to be re-done multiple times.

Candice struggles meet deadlines and to arrive at work on time. When these issues have been addressed with her, Candace has not responded in a productive way, often using sarcasm and defensiveness. If Candice could work on consistency and attitude, she could certainly harness her enthusiasm to go further in her career. It is imperative that Candice improves in these areas, in order for her to maintain her current position. We hope to see Candice improve and achieve her greatest potential.

These examples of evaluations cover a wide range of performance standards. If used as a model, they can provide an outline for delivering necessary feedback in a productive way.

This article is intended only for informational purposes. It is not a substitute for legal consultation. While we attempt to keep the information covered timely and accurate, laws and regulations are subject to change.

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