Free Small Business and HR Compliance Calendar: August 2021

Black Business Month, back to school preparation, getting a head start on performance reviews — here’s how to have an eventful and productive August.

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August … the month of the Olympics, back to school preparation, and planning for the second half of the year for your business! To help you stay on track this month, here’s our easy-to-use calendar with compliance reminders, social media events, and dates to know.

Download it, bookmark it, and refer to it throughout the month. Use this link to download a printable PDF version of this calendar.

August 1

  • Late Filing Deadline: Late filing deadline to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C for 2020
  • Black Business Month: August is Black Business Month. Support Black-owned businesses and use #NationalBlackBusinessMonth on social media

August 3

  • Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: This is the approximate day a Black woman must work into the new year to make what white non-Hispanic man made at the end of the previous year

August 5

  • New York Deadline to Adopt Infectious Disease Exposure Plan: Employers in New York are required to provide a copy of the adopted airborne infectious disease exposure prevention plan and post the same in a visible and prominent location within each worksite

August 8

  • International Cat Day: A pawsitively purrfect day for cat lovers. Now go take a selfie with your kitten right meow. We’re not kitten around. #InternationalCatDay

August 10

  • Employee’s Report of Tips: Employees who make $20 or more in tips the previous month need report it to their employer using Form 4070

August 12

  • Prepare for Back to School: School is starting up again. Consider running a “Back to School” promotion or sale

August 13

  • Friday the 13th: YIKES

August 15

  • National Relaxation Day: It’s a no stress zone. Kick back, unwind, and enjoy whatever makes you relax

August 17

  • National Nonprofit Day: #NationalNonprofitDay recognizes and celebrates the positive impact that nonprofits have on our local and global communities

August 19

  • World Photo Day: Put on a fun photo contest! Have employees submit their favorite nature photos and vote on their favorites
  • World Humanitarian Day: Social distancing can make volunteering hard, but not impossible! Encourage employees to support their favorite philanthropic institution

August 26

  • National Dog Day:Don’t lie to us. We know your camera roll has 3,000 pictures of your dog. Time to share with #NationalDogDay!
  • National Women’s Equality Day: Celebrated annually to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote

August 27

  • Take a Mental Health Day: A mental health day can provide an opportunity to pause, reduce stress, and return with greater levels of energy

August 31

  • Prepare Performance Reviews: The end of Q3 is coming up, so get a head start on performance reviews
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