Giving Tuesday Campaigns Teams Can Participate in Virtually

Even remote employees can have a part in Giving Tuesday — and have a great time doing so. Try these charitable activities with your staff.

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Giving Tuesday Campaigns Teams Can Participate in Virtually

Here's what you need to know:

  • Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving that is designed to fight against the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday is always the first Tuesday that falls after Black Friday
  • The strategy for Giving Tuesday is to create a one-day fundraising event on the appropriate day
  • Consider organizing a virtual dinner, tour, games, or scavenger hunt to engage your staff and donors

There are a ton of reasons to love the holiday season. While commercialism might be increasing, it’s the time of year when people are most apt to look for ways to help others. That might mean wrapping gifts for family members or giving money and time to a cause someone cares deeply about.

Another thing that comes up around the holidays is Giving Tuesday. This international day for giving is a dream for many organizations, but there can also be a lot of competition. If a brand wants to make this a day for impressive profits, a creative campaign can be a lot of help.

Lots of businesses and other organizations have employees who are working on a remote or hybrid schedule. This might make it seem tricky to build a Giving Tuesday campaign. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are great ways to get virtual teams involved in the season of giving.

What is Giving Tuesday and what is the goal of it?

Giving Tuesday was first created by people at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. It is a national day of giving that is designed to fight against the self-interest and consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This day started as a simple day to give. It was created to encourage donating to any nonprofit, not one with a specific mission. The point of Giving Tuesday was to give people a helpful and wholesome outlet compared to the holiday shopping season.

Since it was founded in 2014, Giving Tuesday has become a worldwide phenomenon. This is partially due to the simple sharing on social media using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

In 2021, Giving Tuesday raised $2.7 billion in the U.S., with the number increasing on a global basis. The day has also expanded and includes things like volunteering and donation matching.

When does Giving Tuesday occur?

Giving Tuesday is always the first Tuesday that falls after Black Friday, which is known as the start of the holiday shopping season. Because of this, it will always be between November 27 and December 3. For 2022, Giving Tuesday takes place on November 29.

How do Giving Tuesday campaigns work?

The strategy for Giving Tuesday is to create a one-day fundraising event on the appropriate day. The Giving Tuesday organization provides a lot of coverage and momentum, but brands need to plan campaigns on their own.

The organization doesn’t collect donations or promote specific campaigns. It can be thought of more as a movement than an organization that aids in fundraising. At the same time, the organization does put out useful resources to help organizations succeed on the day of the event.

There are many choices for how to utilize Giving Tuesday. For instance, one organization might have a general fundraising campaign. Another might focus on a specific initiative or program.

Since donations are included in the public record, the Giving Tuesday organization can see all donations made on the day. This allows them to publish a total of all the good that has been done by all the campaigns.

It’s important to choose a campaign wisely as it may give attention to an organization far more than at other times of the year. This is also an excellent time to look at changes to the fundraising process. For those with remote employees, there are several ways to move forward.

Try a virtual event for Giving Tuesday

It may not be possible to get the entire organization together with a hybrid workplace. That’s why a virtual event can take the place of one that would otherwise be in person.

There’s also another reason to consider this. Supporters who wish to donate can more easily engage and get involved with a company in a virtual setting.

One way to do this is to choose the social media platform where most of the company’s customers spend time. Build a fundraising event around it by posting and live streaming with all the people who come out to show support. Offer contests, an auction, or other activities that supporters and employees alike can take part in.

It’s also an excellent idea to have a visual indicator of the company’s fundraising progress. Keep workers and supporters up to date on how close the company is to reaching its goal.

Consider a virtual dinner

A dinner event is an excellent way to get supporters to dress up and enjoy an evening of entertainment. This doesn’t have to take place in a physical space. It could also entail a virtual dinner event for employees and potential donors.

Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to get major and mid-tier donors all in the same space. People can mingle and chat while workers provide details about the organization and keep things on task. It’s a relationship-building and networking option for top supporters and the organization.

Other options include a cooking event, a dinner party, or a gala to engage the biggest supporters. All of these things can be done virtually.

Implement a virtual tour

Most organizations will have a few opportunities for engaging with supporters throughout Giving Tuesday.

Another idea that can be a lot of fun for workers and supporters alike is a virtual tour of the company building. This lets a company share where work is done each day, which can make donors feel closer to an organization.

When implementing this idea for Giving Tuesday, consider having a virtual tour of the office facilities for supporters or letting them see some of the things that are done there each day. Virtual streaming software lets companies provide a walkthrough almost anywhere, so getting creative is a plus for this idea.

Incorporate some games

Just because employees are working out of the office, that doesn’t mean they can’t take part in activities. Virtual games can be fun for donors and employees, which is a great thing for a fundraising opportunity. Build or choose a game that donors can play, like virtual bingo.

You could also incorporate a virtual scavenger hunt where the clues raise awareness of the organization.

Even memes can be a way to connect with the people who want to give on this special day. Spread some fun on Twitter or add a video to TikTok to engage with potential donors and educate people on what the brand does.

Create a unique challenge

When an extra boost of publicity is needed, a fundraising challenge can be a fun idea. For remote employees, just make sure it’s something that can be participated in from any location

Encourage people to record their challenges and note what they are raising money for.

Both employees and donors can jump into the fun. This is a great way to amplify excitement about an organization and what they do.

Consider things like scavenger hunts, polar plunges, and sports challenges. Or go with something unique depending on the audience for the company.

Encourage people to record their challenges and note what they are raising money for. When implemented well, this can bring in a ton of money. Think back to the ice bucket challenge for an example of that.

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Final thoughts: Virtual employees can also participate

Even virtual employees can have a part in Giving Tuesday — and have a great time doing so. For Giving Tuesday this year, consider trying some new events.

Use creativity and find new ways to bring in donations. Use the recommendations above or brainstorm something new and innovative. Either way, it’s sure to be a profitable and exciting day.

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