The Daily Rundown: Robots Coming for Our Jobs, Pay Gap Worse for Moms

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Happy Thursday! Did you participate in the Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill? At Workest HQ, we all stopped, ducked, and covered during a meeting — which made for some fun selfies (as evidenced below).

Workest HQ Shakeout

In other news …

Robots are coming for our jobs

The retailpocalypse continues its march to total domination, er automation. More bots are doing jobs humans once did, and it could negatively impact the U.S. economy — with Amazon, Target, and Walmart leading the way. With 15 million retail jobs, workers in this sector are already feeling the squeeze.

The Number: 4,000. The number of robots that can mop floors, unload trucks, and scan shelves at Walmart.

The Quote: “Close to 30% of America’s … retail workers worked fewer than 35 hours a week last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationally, 17% of workers work below 35 hours a week.”

Pay gap bigger for working moms

A new study found women are impacted by the “motherhood penalty” — where women’s earnings are negatively impacted by raising children. Mothers in the U.S. make $0.71 for every $1 a father makes. Economists explain that this occurs because women are expected to do the majority of the work raising children.

The Number: $16,000. The amount of wages a mother can lose every year.

The Quote: “The largest single factor [of the pay gap] is that women, relative to men in couples with kids, often take a bit of a backseat so that their jobs are more able to be on-call at home, and so that guys’ jobs are more able to be on-call in the office.”


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