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Being a Hiring and Retention ninja will ensure your hires are in-line with your business goals and culture.  Recruit the best people, and keep them, with these trends and tips.

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How Relevant Are Gaps in Employment on a Resume?

Are resume gaps still relevant in this job market? Find out how businesses are looking at extended time off between jobs.

The Future of the Tech Industry: Practices and Culture

The tech industry saw a significant economic shift in 2022. What does that mean for possible trends in 2023 for your business? Find out here.

Best Practices for Posting and Updating Job Listings

Applying these 10 tried-and-true best practices can help you get the most out of your job listings and attract top talent.

How to Retain Millennial and Gen Z Employees

A new era of workplace requirements has taken the labor force by storm. See how your business can appeal to Millennial and Gen Z talent to keep them with your organization for years to come.

What Are 2-Way Performance Reviews?

A 2-way performance review evaluates the employee from the manager’s point of view as well as from the employee’s. Find out how it can benefit your company.

Tips for Optimizing the Interview Process for Candidates

Is it time to supercharge your interview process? Try these useful tips for optimizing your interviews to find the best talent possible and streamline workflows.

8 Signs It’s Time to Overhaul Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a costly process, so it's important to make the best hiring decision possible. Here are 8 ways to tell if you should revamp your recruiting process.

Tips to Help Your Employees Take Ownership of Their Work

If employees refuse to take responsibility for their work, it can endanger their productivity and the bottom line. Find out how to help your workers take ownership.

How to Investigate a Claim of Sexual Harassment

A respectful, professional culture does not tolerate sexual harassment. It’s critically important to investigate and resolve the charge immediately.

Why Employers Should Lead the Way in Women’s Rights

The professional progression of women based on their outstanding performances can be linked to lower turnover rates and higher inclusivity of gender diversity.

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Pandemic Interviews: How are Hiring Managers and Job Candidates Navigating Interviews Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Read on as we explore how virtual interviews make candidates feel, how many are unwilling to accept in-person job interviews right now, and the downside of having to conduct a job interview in a digital space.



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