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12 Traditional and Creative Onboarding Tips for New Hires

Apply these practical employee onboarding tips to make your entire onboarding process as seamless, thoughtful, thorough, and effective as possible.

Guide to Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employees: What’s the Difference?

The primary difference in status between exempt and non-exempt employees is their eligibility for overtime.

16 Onboarding Ideas for a Unique New Employee Experience

Successful companies know the value of effective employee onboarding. Let these 16 onboarding ideas inspire a more interesting, fun, and unique experience.

How to Build a New Employee Onboarding Process from Scratch

An effective onboarding process can boost retention and productivity. This article details how to create one, recommended steps, potential costs and more.

What to Include in an Employee Onboarding Video

A good employee onboarding video helps support an effective onboarding process and well-adjusted new employee. Here's a sampling of types of onboarding videos to consider now.

A State-by-State Guide for Each IRS Mailing Address

Where do I mail my tax returns? That depends on your location. Here is our guide to each IRS mailing address, based on your state.

Building an Employee Onboarding Program

An effective employee onboarding program welcomes and engages new hires while equipping them to perform with confidence and competence over time. Here's how.

Sabbatical Leave: Should Your Company Offer It?

Offering sabbatical leave is a great way to hire and retain valuable employees and also provide them with the work-life balance they need.

Washington’s Paid Sick Leave Law: What Employers Need to Know

Effective January 1, 2018, employers must follow all the rules and regulations surrounding Washington's paid sick leave law.

Arizona’s Paid Sick Leave Law: What Employers Need to Know

Arizona's proposition 206 went into effect on July 1, 2017, requiring employers to provide mandatory paid sick leave for employees.

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