HR Fast Facts: Deduction Code Names

While employers are free to name a deduction code anything they like, here are recommended deduction code names.


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While you’re free to name a deduction code anything you’d like, here are names that we typically recommend:

Benefit Type Deduction Code Name
Medical Insurance Medical Pre-Tax
Dental Insurance Dental Pre-Tax
Vision Insurance Vision Pre-Tax
Health Savings Account (HSA) HSA Pre-Tax
Flexible Savings Account (FSA) FSA Pre-Tax
401k 401k
Roth 401k Roth 401k
401k Employer Match 401k ER Match
Life Insurance Life Post-Tax
Long Term Disability (LTD) LTD Post-Tax
Short Term Disability (STD) STD Post-Tax
Transit Commuter Transit Pre-Tax
Transit Post-Tax
Parking Commuter Parking Pre-Tax
Parking Post-Tax
Cancer Insurance Cancer Insurance Post Tax
Accident Insurance Accident Insurance Post Tax
Critical Illness Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Post Tax
Hospital Indemnity Insurance Hospital Indemnity Insurance Post Tax

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